Sunday, 11 August 2013

**Updated** New photos, including new Prisioners stills and Atticus! An Enemy joins Prisoners at Toronto and a WDW Paris Interlude

**Update!** Thanks to IHJ, we not only have new stills from prisoners we are also reunited with a long missed four legged friend - Atticus! It's been far too long. You would be forgiven for not recognising him though as Jake has put him in disguise.

On with the post...

I'm back! The holiday season has been doing its best to keep me off line, taking me first to North Wales in a tent and then off to Paris for a few days for my very first visit to the City of Lights (Interlude below). Meanwhile, Jake Gyllenhaal has been keeping himself busy flitting between Los Angeles and NYC and Los Angeles. Thanks to IHJ for the photos of him over the last couple of weeks, including a new still from Prisoners.

The good news on the festival front is that (An) Enemy has now been added to the line up, which already included Prisoners, for Toronto  as one of its Special Presentations. More details here. So looks like Jake will be very busy - reminding me of the days when Jake promoted Brokeback Mountain, Jarhead and Proof at the same time - sometimes even in the same sentence.

Thanks very much to BBMISwear for the scan here from Entertainment Weekly as the promotion for Prisoners slowly begins to make a move.

Meanwhile, looking back to Love and Other Drugs, the real life Jamie (Reidy) has been recalling what it was like to be brought to life on screen by Jake Gyllenhaal.

'What was your reaction when you learned Jake Gyllenhaal was going to play your character? My reaction was “No. Way!” Sure, I’d heard his name mentioned, but I tried not to get my hopes up. My best female friend from high school had suggested Danny Devito play me, so, yeah, I was pretty psyched with Jake.

Are there any downsides to being portrayed on the big screen? Not for me! On set, a few of the veteran crew members pulled me aside to make sure I appreciated my good fortune. They’d point at Jake and say, “You just don’t get to have that guy play you, not while you’re still alive, anyway.” Having Jake play me in a movie was the coolest thing that ever happened to anybody I know, or anybody that anybody I know knows.

Did Jake Gyllenhaal hang out with you in order to learn more about his character and your personality? Yep. Jake and I hung out three times, which gave him the chance to ask me all of his questions about pharmaceutical sales and how/why doctors and nurses would interact with drug reps in the first place. (Good question.) It also gave me the chance to see that Jake is a smart, funny guy who takes his job seriously. I liked him a lot.'

WDW Paris Interlude

My trip to Paris was all too brief but a lot was packed in. Top of the highlights was the stunning 12th-century Sainte Chapelle, built to house the relics that St Louis brought back from crusade. Next to it is the Conciergerie, once a royal palace that was converted into a prison that held the victims of the French Revolution, including Marie Antoinette. Then there's the Notre Dame gargoyles, the Roman remains beneath the streets, the Louvre pyramid and a certain tower as well as possibly the most famous cemetery in the world, Pere Lachaise. Here are just a few pictures.

I was very chuffed to discover the location from Midnight in Paris where Gil meets his ride to the past each night at midnight. Just at the back of the Pantheon.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! I had a wonderful time in Paris - I can heartily recommend it. Never been anywhere so expensive, though...

Good news about An Enemy and thanks, BBMISwear, for the scan! Things are getting going at last :)

I hope you're all having a good weekend :)

Susan said...

Nice to have you back, Kate! I'm more than ready to get geared up for a flood of promotion about Enemy and Prisoners. Been looking forward to those two for quite some time now. Getting anxious for a release date for Enemy, though. Guess they want to create some buzz at TIFF first.

Thanks for the update and the lovely interlude photos. Finding the Midnight in Paris location must have been simply awesome. ;-)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks so much, Susan! I hope you've been well :) It was!

mermon said...

Beautiful interlude pictures, Kate! Remind me I need to go back to Paris one day to see it more deeply. Looks like you had wonderful vacations.
Two Jake's movies at one Film Festival will be very exciting. I just hope Enemy will get as much attention as Prisoners. Can we imagine all the interviews? I love this time!

ANTJE said...

One Film Festival presenting TWO new Jake-movies.
Yes, dear mermon, it will definitely be very exciting. Can't wait to have both movies over here in the theaters in Germany. But due to our usual local "dubbing-policy" (which always takes a helluva lot of time to produce) this should not be happening before late winter/early spring 2014.

Leslie said...

Looks like Atticus is still alive and well! It's nice to see Jake with his buddy. :)

ANTJE said...

But why on EARTH is poor old Atticus wearing a tee-shirt??

mermon said...

@Dear Antje! :) I know that German dubbing system, delaying movies releasing and spoiling movie reception. Sorry for you.
@Leslie! Thank you so much for proving that old Atticus is alive and still with Jake somehow.

Sasha Hoyt said...

What a great picture of that MIP spot. Loved that movie.

@Antje: Prisoners is supposed to start Mid-September in Germany as well. No date for An Enemy yet.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello! Just updated the post with one of the Atticus photos and the new stills from Prisoners.

Thank you, Mermon!

Hi Antje - I hope you don't have to wait too long... But sounds, thanks to Mermon and Sasha that you might not have to wait too long for Prisoners at least.

It's wonderful to see, Leslie!

Hi Sasha!

And yep.... what is Atticus wearing?!! So good to see him though. No wonder Jake has a smile on his face.

I hope you're all having a good day :)

mermon said...

Atticus pictures are great, good to see him with his master, in cool T-shirt :)
Jake is in LA,so of course paparazzi chase him constantly, making him feel like home. So far Jake is patient and smiling.
From Twitter we know that Inside The Actors Studio show will be tape on Tuesday the 20th
Ultraviolet on GB shared nice article from Esquire about Chris Fisher, Jake's friend from Martha Vineyard. The one, Jake was cooking with this summer at his restaurant. He mentioned Jake as well. Very good read!
The Beach Plum Restaurant&Beetlebung Farm

ANTJE said...

*lol*, mermon.
Who's the one that's cool in his t-shirt?
Jake or Atticus?

mermon said...

@Antje - I meant Atticus! But of course they are both cool, especially while together.

BBMISwear said...

I am so excited about Toronto - 2 Jake movies - it's been a while since this has happened and it's going to be great! As already mentioned here, yes, all those interviews, photos, articles, videos, etc. that will be coming our way - we will be overwhelmed. But we won't be complaining because it's exactly what we've been waiting for, right?!

It's been good to see Jake smiling in the pap pictures - I'm sure it's a drag to be followed and photographed but every career has a downside no matter how great it is and if this is one for a Hollywood actor then I think those who try to have a "whatever" attitude about it are happier than those who don't. Just my opinion. I'm glad he seems so relaxed about it lately.

Beautiful pictures, Kate - what a wonderful summer you have had - good for you! And thanks so much for sharing your adventures with us.

Well I'll be waiting patiently for all the fun stuff to hit full force (plus his next movie project following the premieres...good stuff)! I can't wait for Inside the Actors Studio to air - we've waited YEARS for this.

Have a good weekend all! :-)

Maria said...

New photos and an article on prisoners in justjared.