Monday, 19 August 2013

Update! Jake Gyllenhaal in InStyle, new TV spot and stills for Prisoners, Inside the Actor's Studio - and Batman

Update! Jake Gyllenhaal appears in September's edition of German Instyle (Men). It's the first interview we've had with Jake in quite a while and enormous thanks are due to Sasha for taking the time to translate the article as well as scan it. You can see the scans here and read the full translation here. Here are a couple of the images and some tasty morsels.

'Of course I take my job very seriously and I find it important. I don’t do this to keep up a glamorous life style. Movies can change a lot. With stories you can make change happen and make people think about the important things in life. I want to be part of these questions that keep the world thinking. In the past years I have been interested in the reality outside my own world more and more. I am independent, don’t have kids and no responsibilities. Therefore I have the freedom to explore these abysses and be influenced by them. I feel a bit like the journeyman of life and I want to explore everything.'

On nieces and god daughter: 'I would do anything for these kids. They may not be my own but I have a very strong bond with them and I truly love them. When I shot “Prisoners” I had to think about them all the time. The interesting thing about my character is that he tries to develop no emotional ties while hunting the child molester. Which is hard when kids are involved. I didn’t succeed at that while shooting. I had my nieces and godchild on my mind all the time.'

The move to NYC: 'There were several reasons but my family was certainly one of them. They all live here. My mum, my nieces, my sister and her husband, even my uncles, aunts and cousins. There was a point in my life where I realised that I want to spend my everyday life with my family. I want to be able to see them every day. Which is easier when you life in the same city and not 3000 miles apart (laughs).'

Changing looks: 'I have to let my hair grow just to shave it all the time (laughs). I really don’t have any preferences. As long as it’s uncomplicated. Most people have to try to look their best for their job on a daily basis. When I work I try to look not like myself.'

'Yes, I think it’s important to take care of your body. I get clarity from being physical. I was raised very active, our dad always encouraged us to be physical when we were kids. He would wake me before school and we’d go for a run. I love to be outside. It makes me happy. I do a lot of sports but I also do a lot for my mind. Both is part of my life and helps me do a better job.'

Prisoners TV spot and stills

Things are heating up for Prisoners! Warner Brothers has just released a new extended TV Spot. The film is out in the US in just a month from now - 20 September.

This coincides with new stills from the film, here via IHJ with thanks. Broody.... There is also something of Robert from Zodiac in this look.

It looks like there will soon be much more Jake Gyllenhaal on the box other than film ads due to tweets that Jake is to appear on Inside the Actor's Studio - the recording is due to take place tomorrow (20 August).

Batman rumours reboot!

Jake has been associated with casting rumours for Batman and other superhero movies for as long as he's been able to pull on a pair of tights. With (another) Batman reboot imminent, it's time to dust off those rumours and give them an airing. One site has suggested that Jake is a favourite of Batman writer David Goyer and that he may be doing a screening test wearing an old Dark Knight suit. An announcement is expected next month. Unless you're superhuman yourself, I wouldn't recommend holding your breath...

Thanks so much to Elizabeth for this fantastic picture! Put a smile on my face, that's for sure!


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone! The news is starting to hot up! I hope you all had a good weekend - I was in a tent (and also up in a WW2 period biplane being very scared....). have a good Monday!

Susan said...

Hi Kate. Yes, the news is starting to gather a little steam, so I am bracing for the eventual avalanche. Hubby is getting tired of my reaction every time we see the trailer for Prisoners when we go to the movies. He will survive... he always does. :-)

I think with the right script, Jake would be the best Batman ever, but the timing isn't necessarily right. Christian Bale is too fresh in everyone's memory and Nolan's trilogy was truly epic. Besides, aren't we just about saturated with too many superheroes? I know I am...

ANTJE said...

Hmmmmmmmmm, Jake in tights???
Oh dear, I'm not sure I would want to watch this, no matter how lovely I usually think he, well, usually looks.

Sophia said...

Have heard Hollywood are looking into doing some Swedish Troll caracter. In Finland they have the Moomins, Something for Jake?

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Susan! I'm certainly tired of superheroes and would be very happy never to endure another one...

Same here, Antje :)

That would be intriguing, Sophia!

Just updated the post because Sasha has made scans and translated Jake's wonderful interview in the new edition of Instyle (Germany). Thanks so much, Sasha, for sharing this with us and for going to so much trouble!

Sasha Hoyt said...

You're welcome, Kate. With Jake it's never really trouble though, is it?

Sonja said...

Hi Sasha,

Thanks for translating the interview! I can read German, but English is easier!

Maybe I'll even find a copy of the magazine over here (The Netherlands)!

And Jake in tights? Ehm... I'll have to think about that ;-)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks so much, Sasha :) Haha, I've spent some very happy hours working through translations over the years - definitely worth it. But this is great!

Hi Sonja!

Thanks Elizabeth for that great Batman pic! Updated the post :)

mermon said...

Thank you Sasha for a translation! I like the fragments you posted Kate. Plus the one about Jake not minding being surrounded by women's fans at a gym :)
I'm not convinced about Jake being next Batman. As a hero I would prefer to see him as Dastan ;) But thanks to Elisabeth picture I may change my mind. That smile in the mask's opening looks diabolically.
@Sophie - I love Moomins. My first childhood crush it was Wanderer/Gadabout. Jake would be excellent as him. A bit mysterious, a bit romantic... :)
So today at 7 p.m. is Inside the Actor's Studio interview taping. I wonder when we'll see it.

BBMISwear said...

Great, Great Stuff - thank you! And thanks to Sasha for the translation!

More good things to come soon I'm sure...:-)

ANTJE said...

Good God, the more I think about it the more I am, aherm, convinced that Jake as BATMAN would not be a very good career move.

Carol said...

Hi Kate and everyone sorry I haven't commented in ages but life has been hectic for me of late. I am hopefully back and able to comment more often again.

I have been reading and am very excited with everything that's happening.

I am really looking forward to the Inside the Actor's studio as I have been waiting for Jake to appear on this for a long time.

Sorry for going off topic but I am currently involved in trying to set up a fansite for the wonderful Ben Whishaw and we not really sure how to start. So if anyone here has any experience in this if you could PM that would be great.

Until the next time



mermon said...

@Carol! I can't help you with a fansite's creating, I have no idea how to do it. But I like Ben Whishaw very, very much, so if it will be ready, please share a link. I will gladly read it!

Sonja said...

OK, so it's Ben Affleck as Batman then...

I'm glad it's not Jake, for some reason. I had some very mixed feelings bout that.

ANTJE said...

Hi Sonja!
I'm glad, too!!!
Jake is far too "valuable" for stuff like that.

Sonja said...

My thoughts exactly, Antje!

ANTJE said...

Read this InStyle interview (either in German or the translation) There Jake discusses that MAKING A HELLUVA LOT OF MONEY AND BEING A HOUSEHOLD NAME IN "ARTLESS" MAINSTREAM BLOCKBUSTERS is not the main reason why he has become an actor. He loves acting but he also loves making sense.

Sonja said...

Yes, I've read it :-)

What a sensible guy!

At, it's even in his biography: "his preference for off-center work"..., describing his performances in "Lovely & Amazing" and "The Good Girl".

I'm glad that hasn't changed since then.

mermon said...

Inside The Actors Studio with Jake will be on Thursday Sept. 19th at 8/7c! Jake Gyllenhaal Is Coming to 'Inside the Actors Studio'

BBMISwear said...

So much going on right now with Jake (and it's only the beginning)!! :-)