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Exclusive report on Jake Gyllenhaal's appearance on the Queen Latifah Show and at the Prisoners LA premiere. Plus Jimmy Kimmel Live and more!

**Jake Gyllenhaal is on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart tonight (17 January) - 10pm, Comedy Central**

Yesterday was a big day for Jake Gyllenhaal and for his fans, this time in LA. Jake recorded his appearance on the Queen Latifah Show in the morning and then on Jimmy Kimmel Live before walking the red carpet for the LA premiere of Prisoners. I am so pleased to have a report from WDW reader and an old friend of mine, Dani, who attended the Queen Latifah recording and them went round for the premiere. Thanks to her for taking the time to write such a long report.

Dani's report of the Queen Latifah Show

'Jake came out to thunderous applause and a whole lot of screaming - a good bit of it coming from me. They had a cluster of seats right on the floor right in front of where Jake sat. But I did get the first row of the regular seats. He wore a nice gray suit and a crisp white shirt. Along with THE SHOES! They don't seem so bad in person. Maybe that's because nothing about Jake could be bad in person. You know that more than anyone. Even the beard didn't bother me even though I worried that it might have tripled in length from the last pictures we saw. We know how fast he can grow that thing. His hair was thick and beautiful even though this current style he's wearing is not my favorite. He said we were the most colorful group of people he had ever seen, referring to all of our bright colors.'

'Jake had an easy rapport with Queen Latifah and told her how much he admired her talent and ability to do everything. He said he had always wanted to tell her that. He told some stories - not the dart one from Letterman - but one most fans have heard before. About his 13th birthday and how his parents made him spend it feeding the homeless so that he would understand that not everyone has a privileged life. It was nice to hear him talk about it. He also told a funny story that must have been planned because Latifah asked him about being popular in school and Jake went on an on with a Thesaurus worth of words describing how popular he was while behind him on the screen was the picture of him as a boy with the thick glasses and spikey hair. So he ended the story by saying that in truth he "was a stone cold nerd."'

'There were plenty of Jake facial expressions that we have come to love over the years but my favorite was after he was presented with all of the eye glasses the audience had donated - of which he was genuinely appreciative - Latifah said that Macy wanted to donate hers also. Macy being the singer Macy Gray who was appearing as a guest DJ, playing all kinds of cool music during breaks to keep the audience revved up. We really didn't need anything. The surprised look on Jake's face and his joyous shout out 'Macy', was like any fan reaction. Who knows how much of all of this will be in the final show. It took two hours to tape what will end up being about 45-50 minutes after they edit. I am just thrilled I got to hear everything Jake had to say. His segment was over way too fast.'

Dani's report of the Prisoners Premiere

Dani was with me back in 2007 when we went through the rather odd experience of the LA Zodiac premiere. It was move from its public address to behind close barriers at Paramount Studios, leaving us to peer through the gate. It was a very peculiar night but also one of the most memorable I've had (you can read about it here). I'm so glad that it worked out for Dani on this occasion.

'I thought it just wasn't in the cards for me to ever see a premiere of one of Jake's movies. I decided to drive back to Beverly Hills from Westwood one more time before heading home. That would be The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences Building where they hold screenings for the Academy and special events. I had been there before in 2008 when I saw a screening of Brokeback Mountain with Diana Osanna as the guest speaker. In the 30 minutes since I had last passed by, a line of people wrapped around the block had emerged and the front entrance was definitely set up to receive arrivals for the premiere. Unfortunately, the fans had to stand across the street on the other side of busy Wilshire Boulevard.'

'From the time I finally got there, I only had to wait about 40 minutes before the stars started arriving. First was the director, Denis Villenueve, then Paul Dano. There were some other celebrities not in the film like Jeremy Renner. But the crowd was mostly waiting for Jake. As the black SUV approached I could see Jake sitting in the front seat next to the driver. I was praying a bus or some other monster vehicle traveling down the street was not going to block my view of him. It worked in my favor because I had a clear view of Jake when he emerged from the SUV. Immediately the crowd started yelling his name and I had my first experience of yelling JAKE! JAKE! He turned around and waved at us. Next thing we knew, the cars on the four lane busy boulevard seemed to part like the red sea and Jake, escorted by a police officer, dashed over to us. Everyone rushed at him, even to the point of risking life and limb by stepping into the street where cars had resumed moving forward. Jake said to step back so that we wouldn't get hit. Well, one girl said later that he said it directly to her, but I would like to think Jake cared about all of us. Anyway, this is when it sucks being short. So many tall people forced their way in front of me. I was still able to see Jake's head because I was about two feet away from him and he was taller than most of the people in front of me. But I didn't get a close up picture or get to say anything to him. Still, it was an unforgettable thrill and all it cost me was 14 hours of my life and a half of tank of gas. I would never do this again for anyone but Jake!'

Thank you,  Dani!

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Actor's Studio

This screens next week on 19 September but some quotes follow from Bravo:

"It felt like losing a family member, and it still does to this day." - Gyllenhaal on Heath Ledger's death

"It's a huge compliment..." - Gyllenhaal on his sexual orientation being questioned after "Brokeback Mountain"

"She's so sharp and smart and...courageous. I admire her courage, behind the camera and in front of the camera." - Gyllenhaal on working with Anne Hathaway

"The way you behave with everybody is more important than the work that you do. It's essential. It is everything... generosity and kindness and patience will get you so far. That's the biggest lesson I've learned." -Gyllenhaal's biggest piece of advice

"...My sister is, probably the reason why I do this, is somebody who I admire more than most anybody in the world, and she drives me f**king nuts sometimes... - Gyllenhaal on sister Maggie Gyllenhaal


It appears that Enemy will be shown across the US after all. Details here.


Thank so much to IHJ for the new pictures from yesterday.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Wow! So much going on and I love it! Thanks so much to Dani for taking the time to write all this for us and I'm chuffed to bits that at last Dani has seen Jake - we've been friends for over 7 years - it was about time :)

Have a wonderful evening everyone!

Susan said...

Wow is right! Thanks so much, Dani, for your report. How awesome it must have been to see and hear Jake during the Queen Latifah taping - and then before the premier! I saw him while he was doing the off-Broadway play and the beard was quite impressive then, too.

So much to post about, Kate! Thanks for keeping us up to date and well-informed. I'm chuffed to bits that you find the time to feed our Gyllenhaalism!

Dani said...

Katie, thanks so much for your enthusiasm over me finally getting to see Jake in person. I didn't want to clog up the main report with too many details about the process of taping a talk show, but I was there a total of 5 hours. The first three hours involved going through various stages, waiting outside the studio entrance in line for about 90 minutes before being led like school children quite a distance through the maze of sound stages at Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City.

Next we waited another 90 minutes in a holding area where they gave us a snack. Finally we got to enter the studio for the taping where we were told where to sit and some of us were moved two or three times. We had been told to wear something colorful - Jake noticed right away - but they didn't want everyone with the same color sitting together.

Once we were settled to the staff's liking, we were entertained by a comedienne who invited audience participation in showing their talent. Some of it was embarrassing. Others, very good. After that we were instructed by the stage director on how to clap and laugh. That was odd.

Just before taping was to begin, Macy Gray came out. She's very tall and striking in person. I sat one seat over from the DJ booth where she was standing. I also have to say that Queen Latifah is more beautiful in person than I imagined. Absolutely perfect skin! And she's thinner too. They say the camera adds weight. Not good for me. :( I did get to shake her hand. And it was the hand that had touched Jake!

mermon said...

Fantastic post! Thank you Kate and Dani! Thx Dani for sharing all of it. Lucky you to have that chance. Were you clapping the way you were taught or spontaneously? ;) funny thing with all these preparation for the show. Nothing out of control! I can't wait to see it and compare with what you gave us here.
Great VMan article about Jake. He's so deep and choosing such deep stories for his movies lately (I'm not complaining) that I hope he will give us something lighter from time to time. Hurray that we have Prince Of Persia to entertain ourselves.
Jimmy Kimmel was very funny. I like them together. Jake looked great. Soon he will start to shoot Nightcrawlers. I wonder, how his next character's look will be. Lately, we had him with short hair and stubble, bald, bearded, clean shaved with his hair to the back, so what now for a journalist? Maybe longer hair? :)

BBMISwear said...

More great stuff...and so much of it...what a great "Jake Time" it is right now, huh?! And wonderful stories, Dani...thank you for sharing! I can feel the excitement as you write your story - I know that excitement first hand and it's hard to know if I'm wording it in a way that is truly relaying the feeling and you did that here for sure!!

Also, Dani, I am happy (and a little sad) to realize that we were both at the same BBM Screening back in 2008, I think. It was August 2008 - Diana was a bit emotional speaking about Heath (it was still so close to when it happened at that point) - is this the one you were referring to? I was in L.A. for that screening and to meet up with a very large group of Brokie friends. Oh how I wish I knew of you then and we could have met. I was just getting to know Kate via emailing each other at that point - if it was a little later in the year I know she would have "introduced us" and we could have met while I was there. Damn. Well, maybe another time!

Oh...and you made me laugh about the TV studio people going over the clapping with the audience - ha ha! I'm not sure if they did this too but when I was at the taping of Jake on ETalk Live in Toronto back during POP promotion they not only did that (which I thought was nuts!) but they would film us doing it on cue - they said that they like to get different camera shots of the audience so that when they edit everything together they are choosing the best shots. I guess that makes sense but I still find it strange as the audience was filled with Jake fans (as yours was) and we certainly know how to react to Jake - with HUGE enthusiasm of course!!

Thanks, Kate, for continuing to post all this great stuff - I have so much to catch up on and decided that a big chunk of my Sunday will be doing just that (I deserve a break after an over the top busy week)! Keep it coming and see you here again soon!


Dani said...

Thanks Susan, Mermon and BBMIswear for your kind words. And, yes, it was the same screening of BBM that I attended in August of 2008. I remember that it was on Monday, August 4. I was so touched by Diana Osanna's emotion when she talked about Heath. Sorry, BBMIswear, that I missed a chance to meet you too. I have enjoyed all of your reports for your various Jake adventures. I hope this isn't the one and only for me. Regarding the taping, we were also filmed laughing and clapping on cue. But once the show started and Jake came out, we needed no coaching on how and when to respond. :)

Maria said...

Thanks for the report on the queen latifah show. Love it! Must be great to have been there.

Anonymous said...

So much going on (I'm not complaining). I still have to catch up a lot of stuff.
Thank you so much, Kate for keeping us well-informed.
Also "thanks" to Lisa and Dani for sharing your adventures with us. It must have been great for both of you.
Can't wait for PRISONERS to be opended in Germany.
Have a nice Sunday everyone.

mermon said...

Fine 'Prisoners' review by Clayton Davis 'Prisoners' is a tightly wound thriller featuring career best performances from Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal...
And JoBlo interview with Jake

Anonymous said...

The event was crazy. There had been a previous event right beforehand, and they let everybody stay in their seats! As a result, very few people who had reservations for the Prisoners event got a seat. I was one of the very few lucky ones, but I got badly pushed by some crazy fans (the kind of fans that give you second-hand embarrassment). A woman was about to faint and the Apple store worker suggested she was faking it to get a seat. To make matters worse, an Apple store worker promised us they would take pictures with everybody afterwards, but in the end they only signed like 4-5 autographs. Obviously, they have no obligation to pose for pictures, but the store staff got our hopes up for nothing. Some girls were crying because they had not got an autograph. In the end, this reflects very badly on the people involved with the film. The organisers of the event get an F from me and the only thing stopping me from making a complaint is that I do not want to seem like one of the crazy fans I mentioned before.

On the positive, both Hugh and Jake were fantastic, and their charm made up for the bad organisation of the event. Jake was incredibly funny (Denis got his name wrong so he kept joking about that). On top of that, I was by one of the professional cameras so Jake kept looking in my direction :) I did not bother with pictures because Apple were recording the event including the back of my head :)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi 21:11 - I totally agree. The event was a complete shambles and the staff went back on all of their promises. Hardly anyone left after the fashion event and so there were almost no seats free. I got the last seat to fill up the fashion event and then when they wouldn't let me move to a better seat (after only 3 people left), I kicked up a fuss. They then promised photographs - didn't happen - and autographs for all - didn't happen. I got one as I was fortunate to have a front row seat. I'm so lucky to have had such a wonderful time but I am well aware that I am one of very few who did. I'm sorry to hear t didn't go as well for you as it should have.