Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Update! Letterman appearance. Get tickets to watch Jake Gyllenhaal on the Queen Latifah Show - and bring your specs!

Update! Here is Jake's appearance on The Lates Show with David Letterman (thanks so much, Steph!). Also, thanks to Mermon for the link to this great interview with Jake about Prisoners.

Very exciting news this morning!

The producers of the Queen Latifah Show have been in touch and invited Jake Gyllenhaal fans to attend the recording of the show on 12 September. If you're over 18 and can get to Culver City, then apply for tickets here. Mention that you're a huge fan of Jake's in your request headline. They are also asking audience members to bring any pairs of reading or prescription eyeglasses that you could donate to Jake's charity New Eyes for the Needy that day. Mention in your request if you're planning on bringing any and if so how many.

If you're able to attend the recording be sure to come back here and tell us all about it!

If only myself and my glasses were not welded to the other side of the pond.... Photo from InStyle (2009) thanks to IHJ.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Good morning! Very exciting. I can't make it (for obvious geographical reasons) but I hope some of you can. Do tell us about it! I hope we get to see the Letterman show too.

Have a good day!

Sophia said...

I so wish he would do a Maggie and be on Jon Stewart and Craig Ferguson as well.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Sophia! That would be good. I do like it when Jake's on Jon Stewart. I am not a fan of Letterman at all.

Susan said...

Me too, Kate, love Jon Stewart not a fan of Letterman. But I'm going to try to catch the Letterman show tonight, for sure! Thanks so much for the updates and interview/appearance schedules. Must update my calendar now.

BBMISwear said...

Great stuff Kate - both in this post and the previous one - thank you! So, so, so much going on all at once (as we expected)! I've heard dribs and drabs about this show looking for Jake fans - how cool they sent you the info - I wish you lived on THIS side of the pond at times like this.

I'm not the biggest Letterman fan either but of course will be setting the DVR for tonight. The biggest excitement (television interview wise) is of course ITAS - can't wait!

Busy week for me but will do my best to keep on top of all the news - so much of it already and TIFF hasn't even started yet - yikes!

P.S. It's been great to hear about all your traveling, Kate, but the thought of no electricity or internet scares me - ha ha - quite an adventure for you. Welcome back to civilization - we missed you!


mermon said...

We may watch Letterman live screening! Late Show With David Letterman: Actor Jake Gyllenhaal;Live Streaming
Fantastic article, with Jake talking about Prisoners and much more. I guess it may be from Inside The Actors Studio Interview Jake Gyllenhaal’s ‘Prisoners’ locked in mystery

mermon said...

I forgot to add that I would gladly give Jake some of my glasses. They are terribly expensive in USA!
That article, I gave the link for - is originally from Toronto Sun, to be found in IHJ gallery

Dani said...

Hi Katie! So exciting to start another round of Jake promoting his films. So many great reviews already. Thanks for bringing us the news. And I have some news of my own. After almost eight years of following Jake's career I am finally going to see him in person. I am one of the lucky ones that got tickets to Queen Latifah's show! I can't wait. I'll be there with two pairs of glasses. One for the charity and one so I can see him! :)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks, Susan!

Hey BBMISwear :-) So good to have stuff to post! I wish I did too..... Thank you! I like being without the internet etc but it does make coming home rather nice - still not taking light switches for granted ;)

Thanks, Mermon! I've added the link to the post!

Dani - you have absolutely made my day. I am so, so pleased for you. This is definitely due and I am so excited for you! I'm thrilled! I just wish I could go with you. Do let me know by email or here what happens! And good to hear from you, too - I hope you and yours are well, Katie x

Have a fab day everyone! I've added the David Letterman interview so do enjoy that over your morning tea break :)

mermon said...

@Dani! So cool you'll have a chance to see Jake in person. All Gyllenhaalics deserve it! We count on your impressions! Have a great time. Maybe you'll have a luck for a photograph with Jake? Get ready, in case!
That link I posted here to watch Late Show live didn't work, so I woke up for nothing one hour earlier:)
Letterman is not my favourite show, but Jake is always great. I liked that part about sending him POTD and VOTD by his sister and BIL. It shows their strong family bond.
The clip that was aired, shows us new character! Interesting. Jake played there brilliantly!
Jimmy Kimmel Show with Jake supposedly on Sept 12th.

Sonja said...

That's fantastic! Enjoy!!!!!!

And give Jake our love :-)