Monday, 9 September 2013

Updated update! Jake's Enemy Q&A and more videos! Jake Gyllenhaal at TIFF - Enemy premieres and a first review

Updated update!

This is the video of Jake's Q&A at the Enemy premiere at Toronto and at the 3 minute mark you can hear Lisa ask Jake her question!

Meanwhile Enemy has been the subject of a bit of a distribution battle - good news.

Here is another quite substantial video interview for Prisoners:


If you've not had a look at the comments to this post yet, do please check them out because you'll hear a first hand report from Lisa (BBMISwear) about the screening of Enemy, which was accompanied by a Q&A with Jake and others in the cast and crew. Thanks so much to Lisa for that and for the photos, you'll find below:

There are more videos from both the Enemy and Prisoners premieres:

Jake also appears on the cover of the new VMan and very nice it is too... (thanks to IHJ)

There are more TV appearance updates:

12 September - Jimmy Kimmel Live
18 September - Live with Kelly and Michael
19 September - Inside the Actor's Studio

Tomorrow, of course, Jake will be recording the Queen Latifah Show for broadcast next week. Good luck to Dani who will be among the audience!

On with the post

Not content with having one film gala at Toronto, Jake Gyllenhaal premiered another film last night - Enemy (I think it's safe to drop the 'An' now). This film has more mystery surrounding it than Prisoners with very little being revealed about it. It does have an obvious advantage, though. It features multiple Jakes. Lisa (BBMISwear) was at the premiere and so hopefully we'll have an opinion on the film from her not to mention some thoughts on what must have been an incredible Toronto night.

The reviews are trickling in although most press saw the film just this morning. Here is the Playlist review. Their conclusion: 'Part existentialist thriller, part psychosexual drama, “Enemy,” like Villeneuve’s earlier festival film, is exceptionally dark, harrowing, and especially engrossing. Those that have seen “Prisoners” can attest to the methodical, hyper-attuned clinician Villeneuve has become in his approach to genre, and “Enemy” has the same quivering pitch of masterful meticulousness. Not only is “Enemy” once again first-rate filmmaking, it’s profoundly unnerving. A challenging, sometimes abstract piece of work, “Enemy” doesn’t reveal itself easily, but its coiling ouroboros quality is fascinating and spellbindingly disturbing. A riveting examination of intimacy (and the lack thereof), identity, duality and the nether regions of our unconscious desires, “Enemy” is a transfixing grand slam that certifies Villeneuve as the real deal and one of the most exciting new voices in cinema today.' Excellent.

Although this post is dedicated to Enemy, there is another interesting interview with Jake here to do with Prisoners. There are also some portraits which you can see at IHJ. My favourite is below.

No doubt this post will be updated, so do check back! Thanks to IHJ for the lovely photos.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Evening everyone! Another day another film opens :) I expect the post to be updated as we hear more about Enemy at TIFF. Looking forward also to hearing from Lisa who was lucky enough to be there!

Have a great evening everyone!

mermon said...

Waiting for Lisa's report I will share with you with a tweet I got from a guy who saw Enemy.
I thought #enemy was fantastic tonight. Such a strange film. Strangely excellent is how I would describe it. #tiff
I like it!
Being honest I read also 2 not so positive tweets. So maybe Enemy will get opposite opinions, just like POP? :)
I'm really wonder what Lisa will say.
I wonder, if it's happened before that movie in a film festival has no promotion, no trailer even. For many people it's probably a film out of nowhere? Not like for us following it through more than a year!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks, Mermon! That's interesting. I know so little about this film but I can see that it might not be for everyone but I am so intrigued to know how Jake manages it. The lack of trailer, as a commenter mentioned on the previous post, is indeed odd. It is certainly far more lowkey than Prisoners. Very intriguing.

ANTJE said...

Yeah, beside PRISONERS, I can't wait for a film containing multiple Jakes.
But, oh dear, looking at all the beautiful TIFF photos and watching the Toronto-trailers and -videos - has the one Jake lost tons of weight or what??
He looks so ... well ... thin.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Antje! I was thinking that - he looks almost gaunt in some of these photos...

ANTJE said...

VERY gaunt, indeed!
That's what worries me.

Hope, he's not ill.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

It could be for Nightcrawlers as that's filming very soon. Also he'll be acting being stuck on a mountain soon, too. That might be a reason.

ANTJE said...

Yup, I agree. I have had those thoughts as well, that Jakey has lost some (a lot of!!) weight for professional reasons only. Remember BROTHERS? Poor Tobey Whatshisname had to get rid of 20 kilos before shooting to be as authentic as possible the tortured brother Sam.

BBMISwear said...

PART 1: Hello again…sorry for the delay with my comment but yesterday was a busy one and also a travel day. I’m exhausted but have to say my first TIFF experience was a great one! On Sunday, Enemy was, of course, the focus! We made sure to get to the theater early as we expected a Q&A and wanted to have good seats – and we certainly did – we were 5 rows from the stage and 3 rows in front (and a couple to side) from where Jake sat – priceless! I loved being able to look over my right shoulder and see Jake watching his own movie – very surreal. And let me tell you it was extremely difficult to not keep looking and looking at him – I didn’t want to be obnoxious so fought the good fight and only glanced back a few times but when I did catch a glimpse (at some of the lighter parts when the audience was laughing) it was great to catch him laughing along with everyone. At the end when all applauded it was great to look back and see Jake and Denis leaned in toward each other talking and smiling!

There was the typical intro to the movie by Denis with a few of the filmmakers on stage including Jake of course and then the part I was anxiously awaiting – the Q&A. (We took a few pictures but they are not the best quality – will send them to Kate but I think some others that surfaced on line were the same or better – I also took video but, again, am thinking there might be better quality versions on line soon if not already as a ton of people were recording)! I think everyone has probably already read the comments/reviews that have been posted about the strangeness of this movie – my first reaction was “This makes Donnie Darko seem clear and not confusing at all”! And it’s true! I really liked it and would love to see it again but it is really out there – very puzzling but also very interesting and fun to try to figure out the mysteriousness of it all. Basically you spend the whole movie (and for quite some time after) trying to figure out what really happened and what it all meant. I remember reading a quick line from Denis a bit back where he referred to Enemy as being a lab experiment and it really did seem like he and Jake really thought of it as just that – they were very direct right after about not thinking this movie will be seen by many – and they were literally laughing about it! I can’t help but think they were looking at Prisoners at the “real” movie, so to speak, – the big one, the serious one, the potential blockbuster and Enemy as a Hitchcock/Twightlight Zone type project.

BBMISwear said...

PART 2:I am very happy to report that there was time for a few questions and I was second to get picked and I asked Jake a question - I asked about the two characters and if he liked or found challenging one over the other. He started to talk about the characters and went on quite a typical Jake rambling about the characters and playing these two characters and it was wonderful because he not only went on and on about that but then started to touch on some other things and it was great to have so much of Jake talking (nothing against the other people that were on the stage too – ha ha)! I could quote everything exactly by listening to my recording but, as I said, a quality video should turn up so everyone can listen to the Q&A in full – if not I will certainly find a way to get mine to Kate. This is the second time I’ve asked Jake a question at a Q&A (the first was during ITIIHFIY) and he does that thing that can make a person melt right there in their seat – he looks directly at the person that asked the question while answering (this is why I suggest anytime one gets the opportunity to this they should do so)! He will look around to the whole audience, of course, but he begins his answer by looking at the asker directly, then looks around, but keeps looking back at the asker – it’s honestly difficult to not look like an over excited sap or to even remember what he just said to you!!

The evening had a very light atmosphere all the way around but the sad part of all this is if the movie does not get released in the states and/or has a very limited release internationally then it will be hard for many to see it (or for those of us who were there to see it again). Maybe at least there will be a worldwide DVD release – I really want to see this again and try to figure it out! Oh, and some wondered about that ‘Erotic Thriller’ description – that becomes clear in the very beginning of the movie – strange stuff! As for other small details he looked great (I’m sure all have seen the pictures on line by now) and Alyssa was there and she is gorgeous. She seemed very happy to be there – all smiles and going with the flow while Jake had to “work” almost the whole time. We headed to The Chase after the show for dinner and drinks – we obviously knew we wouldn’t get into the private party but heard great things about the restaurant and wanted to check out the scene. He, Alyssa and Mara were arriving just as we did but Jake was walking in with blinders on looking to want to just get inside as quick as possible so we chose not to approach him. One additional note is there was a photographer taking photos of the Q&A right behind me – his huge lens camera was basically next to my head – I talked to him afterward as I would love to get some of those photos – they were basically shot from my exact view! He said he was a freelancer and hoped to get them sold and put on the internet but he would send me a few – he took my business card but I haven’t heard from yet – I hope he does get in touch as I’d love to see those photos. Oh, and last but not least, Terroni is absolutely incredible – some of the most delicious Italian food I’ve had and such a great casual atmosphere and friendly staff – no wonder Jake has gone there so many times (and even talked about it during the Q&A)!! He and Denis were hysterical throughout – and their brotherly love is impossible to miss – joking, smiling, walking with their arms around each other – what a great vibe they give off! I’m sure I’ll think of more details and will be back here when I can but am quite behind on everything at the moment (but all very, very worth it)! I’ll be back. :-)

Maria said...

Thanks for this personal, vivid update. Just great!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Lisa, thanks for sharing your experiences :-) Good onya!
Amanda x

mermon said...

Thank you, Lisa! I'm glad you liked it. With all that vibe around the film, I was really wonder your opinion. Do you know Saramago's book? From what I read about Enemy, the plot is changed a little. That erotic stuff at the beginning, I read about in some review, plus some mysterious spider it's added to the story. Lucky you to have a chance to ask a question and got the long answer. Did you see any glimpse of recognition in Jake's eyes, when he saw you? :)

ANTJE said...

ENEMY - maybe limited release only?
Now that would be a shame.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Wow, Lisa! That is amazing! And a Q&A too - so cool that you asked Jake a question. A tad distracting watching Enemy with Jake a few seats away... The film does sound a little bizarre. It also sounds like this will be one for DVD, which is a shame. But I can see now why Jake made both films with Denis. As you say, the Hollywood movie and then the Other. Oh yes, great restaurants in Toronto! (and cocktails from what I remember....).

Waves to everybody! I'll update the post this evening.

Eureka said...

Thanks Kate.
Thanks Lisa for sharing your account with us. How exciting it all must have been. And so great you got to go to the premiere and even more to ask a question.

Monica said...

Fantastic post as always, Kate - and Lisa for the report. Thanks for keeping us all virtually in the loop!


Sonja said...

I keep coming back here every day... and every day there's something new!

Lisa - thanks for your story! It must have been great to be there!

Exciting times - two movies at once!
Can't wait to see both of them!

Anonymous said...

For those of you who haven't read the VMan interview it's an absolute must! One of the most in depth articles on jake I've read in a while. Gives you real insight to a man we already know is incredibly bright, talented and special.

BBMISwear said...

I've been wanting to get back here for more catch up but duty was calling the past 2 days! So many great videos to watch - it will take me a while to get through them all (but I will).

And what great news that distributors are battling over Enemy - Yay! This is not the impression that Jake and Denis gave us at the premiere at all - I so hope all is finalized soon and this movie gets released. People have go to see this movie (and try to figure it out - ha ha)!!

I'm so glad there is a decent version of the Q&A on youtube as my version was okay but when I was asking Jake the question and he was answering I lowered my phone so I wouldn't be an obnoxious person talking to him while filming him at the same time - LOL! So at least on the version posted here you can see him clearly throughout - and I just love listening to him. The moderator didn't relay my question exactly right so it wasn't answered exactly right (I noticed this with just about all the questions in fact) - but no biggie as it certainly got Jake going on a ramble about the characters and the movie. It's obvious he and Denis like talking about it and to keep the audience guessing - and laughing. How funny and upbeat they were!

Thanks for the thank you's from those who enjoyed my reports - not as many details as usual as TIFF is a different beast then most experiences I've had so I didn't expect much (actually got more than I expected by sitting so close to him in the theater and being one of the few to get to ask Jake a question)!

Well back to catching up on work, life and all these TIFF videos and articles - yikes! And that VMan looks like a good one - Lookin' Good! :-)

I'll be checking back for more updates...lots going on in L.A. this week!

mermon said...

I finally watched all the vids posted here, a pleasure to watch.
Thx for posting Enemy's Q&A. I didn't understand all of it, maybe I'll have to go back to it to catch more, but I love the atmosphere from that event, so funny. That Jake & Denise's bromance is really incredible, showing in their each gesture, smile and joke. I bet it was great being there, Lisa!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

So much going on! Thanks so much for the comments and again to you BBMISwear for sharing your adventure!

New post :)