Friday, 6 September 2013

Huge updates! Press conference, premiere and interviews - Prisoners - Jake Gyllenhaal at Toronto International Film Festival 2013

Update! Press conference and premiere

Watch the Prisoners Press conference:

There's a bit of a run through of some things from the conference here. And some photos from the conference - in which Jake admitted to the appeal of Maple syrup.

Hugh Jackman has posted some wonderful photos of himself and Jake at the premiere last night. Hugh described Jake as 'not only a great actor but a great mate'. Here are a couple:

From Warner Brothers:

TIFF always produces some great stories and here is a priceless one - being in a lift with Jake. IT could be awkward.... Not that Jake is phased at all.

These videos from the premiere bring back some big memories for me!

There are more interviews too, including the latest by old favourite Jake Hamilton.

Jake has confirmed to Variety that his next films are Nightcrawler and Everest.

That'll do for now so...

On with the original post

Tonight, Jake Gyllenhaal will walk the red carpet at the Elgin Theatre in Toronto for the festival premiere of Prisoners. It's been a while but at last a new Gyllenmovie is about to be unleashed on audiences amidst the glitz, exuberance and sheer fun of TIFF.

Incidentally, Brokeback Mountain was presented at the Elgin Theatre. It's a wonderful place (I saw Brad Pitt's hand there during my 2007 TIFF adventure) and the perfect setting for a film that is getting the most fantastic of reviews. We're used to good reviews from critics for Jake's work but this looks to be one of those films where the reviews could translate into bums on seats.

Of course, later in the festival, Jake will be presenting (An) Enemy but this post will focus on Prisoners and it will be updated.

The Prisoners press conference takes place on 7 September at 4pm (UK time). It will live stream on YouTube here. Thanks very much to BBMISwear for finding this!

Jake and Hugh Jackman have been doing a lot of publicity for Prisoners in Toronto already - on paper and on video (testified to by some excited journalist tweets), all coming on top of Jake's appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman earlier this week. I'll add interesting links and videos as I come across them over the next day or two but here are a few to keep us going. The new poster for Prisoners above is the UK quad poster - I like it (here via Total Film). Here is a selection of video interviews - some videos may take a while to load:

If the below video doesn't work for you, you can see it here at City News.

Thanks so much to IHJ for their amazing help with videos.

In this interview with the Montreal Gazette Denis Villeneuve discusses the film and his relationship with the actors. On Jake - who, of course, also features in another movie by the director this season - 'We very quickly bonded,” Villeneuve said. “We had a lot of things in common, as artists and men. We became, very quickly, close friends. Our relationship is born out of the will to see the truth and be authentic. We’re super straightforward (with each other), like brothers.'

In USA Today, Jake discusses 2013: "This year, for me personally, has been such an incredible journey," says Gyllenhaal. "What I've learned and taken away is just incredible. I don't think anybody expected anything. I was just so satisfied by this process. But I have to say, I do think it's probably too early to talk about that."

An onset interview and behind the scenes or promo spots

Trailer Addict has a whole host of clips and interviews from Prisoners. You can see those all here - again, thank you so much Stephanie.

Jake and Hugo will also appear together (at least I think it's together) on the Katie Show.

Some reviews:
Huffington Post
Film School Rejects

As for the US premiere, we hear in a tweet: 'Prisoners premieres at the Regency Village Theatre in Westwood on 9/12 at 6:30! Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, cast & filmmakers attending!' I'll post info on any UK and European premieres when I hear it. If you hear anything, do please let us know so that I can post it.

As mentioned, this post will be updated so do keep checking back! If you're fortunate enough to be in Toronto with the stars - have a fabulous time! I had the time of my life there and I can only wish you the same.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Phew! I can't tell you how excited I am to have all this going on - I just wish I were there. I'll update this post - until it gets too cumbersome - and try and keep us all as up to date as possible. The post contains the link to watch the press conference live tomorrow so do look out for that. Good luck to the whole cast and crew of Prisoners for tonight's gala!

Have a great night everyone :)

Susan said...

WOW! Goody, goody, goody, goody, goody - I'm literally bouncing with happy excitement! Thanks so much for gathering the great articles and videos (and/or the links to them) together in one place, Kate. There's been such a blitz the last couple of days I don't want to miss anything!

From the reviews it sounds like Prisoners is much, much darker than can be gleaned from the trailers, but also very, very good. As much as I dislike being made uncomfortable by stories involving violence against children, I am intrigued by the complexity and depth of this particular story. Two more weeks and it should be "in a theater near me." You can bet I'll be dragging my friends to see it and they damn well better enjoy this one. I think it will help them to compare it to Mystic River - another great, compelling drama with a dark premise.

Regardless, I think I will try to see Prisoners more than once in the first couple of weeks. Then wait impatiently for it to be available on Blu-ray.

mermon said...

Thank you Kate for gathering it all in one place. It's not a chance to comment on it, too many stuff. Generally Jake is so focus, so ready to promote his movies, so praising Prisoners,Denise Villeneueve and others, so great in everything he does right now. Just a pleasure to witness it.
Thanks a lot to you again and Lisa for youtube link to the press conference. So good it's Saturday and we may watch it!
I'm looking forward to red carpet pics and videos and first viewers' reviews.

ANTJE said...

"Bouncing with happy excitement", right???
Yeah, me too!!!!!!!

Sonja said...

Haven't seen all of the post yet - but it sure looks good! Hope 'Prisoners' will do well! Can't wait to see it!

mermon said...

I found Prisoners press conference excellent! Did you guys watch it? It shows, how all of them like each other and how good contact Denise has with his cast. He's really a fine guy with a sense of humor. I really wish and hope, that he'll work with Jake again.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi everyone! Just updated the post with LOTS! Press conference video, videos from the press conference and other interviews.

Pleasure, Susan! Luckily, it won't be too long til it's round here too.

Hi Antje and Sonja :)

I watched it, Mermon, and really enjoyed it. Denis is wonderful! And I love Hugh. Obviously Jake looked great... :) Seeing how warm Denis is made me think there'll be more to Prisoners than I thought.

mermon said...

That first interviews clip you posted in update is funny. I bet the interviewer were mad discovering that cameraman shot half of the faces, at the strange angle. LOL
Jake's Hamilton interviews of course are excellent - I liked his questions!
So finally we know something about Det. Loki's background! Orphan, juvenile criminal, I like it! I mean, poor little Loki! :)
Nightcrawler will be shoot at the beginning of October, so soon. Like Jake said it has extraordinary screenplay and 24 days schedule! Similar to EoW, but they had 5 months for preparations. Will be a short time to watch filming :)

Susan said...

Thanks for all the great links, Kate. I just watched the press conference and now I'm wishing I had paid better attention in French class a bazillion years ago...
I think Denis is going to be one of my favorite directors - especially if he makes more movies with The J. :-)

Sonja said...

The 'Jake in the lift' story :-)

Enjoying all the updates, Kate.
Thanks ever so much!

Anonymous said...

Jake in The Lift Story, how embarrassing for him, and how NOT to be a professional interviewer! LOL

What excitement, good luck Jake!

BBMISwear said...

PART 1: A quick hello from me while in Toronto! The last few days have been a blur as Ted and I have been running around from place to place but wanted to check in with a few TIFF bits. We were unable to score tickets to the Friday night Premiere of Prisoners (I've heard that was one of the toughest tickets in town right up there with 12 Years a Slave – good news for Jake and the group with all that buzz but bad for us trying to get tickets)! We decided to have dinner and drinks in the area of the theater and enjoyed watching the commotion when the cast arrived from a far – our table was half inside/half outside so we knew exactly when Jake arrived by the screaming of “Jake Jake Jake” – a familiar sound - ha ha! I went outside at that point and was able to stand on the pedal of someone’s parked bicycle to see him greeting the press and fans – didn’t bother with pictures as I knew so many were being taken at a closer range. There was huge excitement in the air!

Well after a lot of random trying for tickets on line we were able to at least get tickets to the Saturday afternoon screening of Prisoners – so unexpected! I don’t even think I can describe how we felt after watching this movie. We've all read the reactions from people who have seen it and they're dead on – it’s everything they’ve described (that Intense word has been thrown around over and over which doesn’t even describe the half of it). It is honestly terrifying at times and there are huge chunks that are basically unwatchable (for me anyway – and some others in the audience that I saw doing what I was doing – NOT watching at times). So similar to watching End of Watch – some of us just can’t look at some of those scenes. I will say that I feel lucky to be a Jake fan rather than a Hugh fan as most of Jake’s scenes, although they can be scary and intense, are not so horrendous that one has to look away – many of Hugh’s scenes are – the poor Hugh fans – ha ha! There is such a Zodiac feel at times which I love (and I know you will love, Kate!!) and there is such an End of Watch feel too, as I said. Of course it is very much its own thing and is really an incredible movie – so well done – each and every person who worked on this film has got to be so proud of the result. And what an ending! I will add that Detective Loki is such an interesting character and it was such a joy to watch the calmer scenes where he is interacting with people both at the police station and the families of the little girls – it’s so easy to feel something for this mysterious character even if you don’t fully know what he’s all about. Great job, Jake! And sexy as hell I might add! Denis was there to intro the film and has such a great personality – so charming and funny. I can’t wait for everyone to see this film and give their reactions as I wonder how many will feel as I do.

(Part 2 Below...)

BBMISwear said...

PART 2: Moving on to Saturday night we were so happy to get the chance to tell Paul Dano personally what we thought of his performance as we attended the premiere of Daniel Radcliffe’s new movie The F Word and got an invitation to the after party. Paul was there supporting his girlfriend Zoe Kazan who co-stars with Daniel. He was very appreciative of our praises and we made him and Zoe laugh when we told them we were so thankful we saw Paul’s movie before Zoe’s movie that day as the latter is such a happy feel good movie and Prisoner’s is so NOT! Zoe told us how on Christmas their family would always watch 2 movies – a sad one and a happy one – and always watched the happy one last so they will remember to do that when watching their movies together in the future – ha ha! Oh, Adam Driver also stars in The F Word so we talked to him at the party as well – mostly about his involvement in Arts in the Armed Forces and that we attended the event on Veteran’s Day in NYC last November where Jake was one of the actors reading an excerpt from a play.

Phew…I think that covers it for now…we have tickets to the premiere of Enemy tonight so hopefully I’ll have some details to share on that tomorrow! Having lots of fun in Toronto – and lots of wine consumption (and a toast in your honor, Kate)! Hope everyone is enjoying the many articles, reports, photos and videos – it will take me weeks to catch up on it all once home. I'll be back! :-)

mermon said...

So @BBMISwear, you are the first lucky one to watch Prisoners a Enemy so soon. Thank you for sharing your impressions with us. About Prisoners we had a lot of reviews already, but so far we know nothing about Enemy. So I can't wait for your relation. I heard it's not an easy movie, not for everyone's liking, so share with us, please! Thank you for your review. I like the story of your meeting with Paul Dano and his GF. Enjoy double Jake tonight!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hey Lisa! That is amazing! I'm so glad it worked out for you and I hope you had a brilliant time last night. Do let us know how it went and what you thought of Enemy.

Loved your report as I always do - it all sounds so exciting with parties too! That's great that you got to talk to Paul Dano!

I think we're probably similar with this sort of film but I like that it has a Zodiac feel to it. I'm sure I'll be watching it with my eyes shut for some of it. Interesting that Hugh is playing such a violent character. Very different for him.

I saw the photos of Jake at the premiere and was trying to spot you, while trying to ignore Jake's shoes.... Thanks so much, Lisa!

Waves to everybody!

Anonymous said...

Why no trailer for Enemy? don't get it. Is it going straight to DVD or something?