Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Updated with new videos! Jake Gyllenhaal honoured by Monday's Hollywood Film Awards!


With thanks to Mermon for the heads up, here is a wonderful 30 minute interview with Jake:

Here is Jake's acceptance speech from the Hollywood Film Awards

There is more here on Jake's dramatic weight loss.

On with the post!
Last night, the 17th Hollywood Film Awards honoured Jake Gyllenhaal with its Supporting Actor Award for Prisoners, hopefully, the first in a long string of gongs that will adorn Jake's mantelpiece over the coming Silly Season. The award was presented to Jake by Viola Davis, one of Jake's Prisoners co-stars

Jake bedecks the cover of November's Australian GQ magazine and it's a great interview. For instance: 'I really, really love listening to really poppy music. I play a lot of intense characters and going the other way can help. Sometimes if you listen to something that’s the complete opposite of the feeling you’re having, you can dive even deeper. Somehow you’re not thinking so much. And then bam, you’re in it. I’m obsessed with food. I love eating in general, but if I’m somewhere on location, I tend to find one restaurant and weirdly will eat one or two things that I love. Then I’ll know I’m going there at the end of the day to eat that thing. It’s like a strange catharsis to me. I don’t know what it does… but it kind of breaks the boundaries of something that’s different to what my character would eat.'

And on how Donnie Darko, Brokeback Mountain and End of Watch changed his life: '"These movies are markers on my path and life. We all have them in different ways,” he says. “Mine are a little absurd and happen to be movies, but all I have is the experience of those movies and they’ve all been extraordinary in their own way.” It’s clear he loves what he does, but is under no illusions that he’s performing brain surgery. He likes a laugh, and tries to keep things light on set, even when the material is dark. “I’m devoted to what I do and I take it seriously,” he says, “but I have a sense of humour, too.”'

Here is Hugh Jackman's summary of Jake: '“Oh, Jake’s hilarious, he’s a cheeky bugger,” says Jackman. “We became good friends, and he’s a good mate to have.”' I like that.

Here are some videos from last night's red carpet at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

Last week some rather intriguing images of Jake on the Nightcrawler set emerged.  Seeing the bottom image, I'm rather reminded of Bubble Boy. I rather like the top knot in the photo above...

Thanks so much to IHJ for the photos!


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! This looked like a great night. Great to see Jake on a red carpet again.

Hope you're having a good week!

Susan said...

Hi Kate! Thanks for the post and the videos. If I can shake off this nasty head cold I have acquired from my sneezing, wheezing, dripping, stuffy, coughing grandsons I will enjoy watching them again with a clear head. In the meantime, it is nice to see Jake all suited up for an award. Loved your comment about being reminded of Bubble Boy in one particular photo - spot on!

paulh said...

It's great that Jake has begun winning awards for playing Loki in "Prisoners." I will have to come here more often as he works his way toward the awards season. :-)

Sonja said...

That video was great! Did she say "James Bond" ? ;-)

You better start practising your British accent again, Jake! ;-)

He was fab in 'Prisoners', I agree!

ANTJE said...

How nice that the awards for PRISONERS are already coming in. I finally had the chance (and the time!) to watch it last weekend. And I nearly fainted. The story/plot of the movie is ... aherm ... not quite my cup of tea to be honest but the acting of all people involved was mesmerizing, yeah!
Jake is soooooo thin but still


good looking. Can't help it. The red carpet pics of last night's events are beautiful.
PS: I like Jake saying that DONNIE DARKO, BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN and END OF WATCH were life-altering movies for him.

mermon said...

Very good post, Kate! Thank you! I'm happy for Jake to receive an award for Prisoners. He deserves it so much. I hope, it won't be the last one for him, costars and that great movie.
Fine interview, finally someone asked him about James Bond role. For a change Bond could work in USA trying to speak an American accent. ;)
Nice Australian interview. So Jake was on green juices and kale since Toronto? I should try it then. He lost a lot of weight, but seems to be in a great mood.
Jake Gyllenhaal: I've Dropped About 20 Lbs. for Nightcrawler It's more than 9 kilograms.
Jake's top knot - I need to see it in motion to have my opinion on that! ;)
Jake Gyllenhaal is a seedy Videographer I had to check a word "Seedy". Jake's character Lou seems more and more interesting. Something very different from his other roles.

mermon said...

Let's vote for Jake, Hugh and Prisoners in ‘People’s Choice Awards’
Jake Gyllenhaal Explains Gaunt Appearance, Weight Loss: My Character Was Hungry More and more interesting! Don't you think so?
We have Viola & Jake's speeches! And a great over 30 minutes interview with Jake. Hopefully Kate will update the post! :)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Thanks for the heads up, Mermon - just updated the post :)

Good to see you all, and you must Paul! It's really good to see you here again :)

Hi Susan! I have a terrible cough so I do sympathise. I hope you're feeling better.

Hi Sonja and Antje! Thanks again, Mermon :)

I hope you're all having a good week!

Maria said...

Good news! I hope that Jake will finish this movie quickly, he looks horrific. Aged 20 years in 2 months. Too bad. I don't understand actors starving for a bloody movie. At first a bit of wright loss was ok, now it is so scary.

mermon said...

Thank you Kate for update!
David Poland interview is so good! Jake is in a fine mood, talking a lot about Prisoners and his new movies at the end.
Viola Davis Presents Hollywood Supporting Actor Award - HFA 2013 complementing Jake.

BBMISwear said...

I've barely watched or read a thing from all the new reports but wanted to at least say hello and say I am slowly watching and reading bits so hopefully can come back and comment more once I've digested some of it. Another phase of lots and lots of Jake news - love it! Hope all here are well! Until next time... :-)

Anonymous said...

Ich hoffe ja das Jake bald wiede sein
altes Gewicht hat.So sieht er richtig
verhungert aus.Es macht ihn auch um
Jahre älter.

mermon said...

One more thing to watch - fellow Gyllenhaalic - Gyllencrazy's found - Denis Villeneuve on Prisoners in his lovely English Movie 2013: 'Prisoners' - Anatomy of a Scene

Sonja said...

The 30-minute interview was mentioned on the Ultimate BBM Forum as well, that's how I found it.
Isn't it great?
He's soooo passionate about his roles... I like how he talks about his role in 'Brothers' as well.

I would still have enjoyed that interview, had it been 2 hours long, I think... :-)

Anonymous said...

Ich lese gerade den Namen Kate.Bist
Du die Kate,der ich einmal ein Pfannkuchen Rezept für Jake geschickt habe?Die Welt ist doch klein.Sami.

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