Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Jake Gyllenhaal, Hugh Jackman, Prisoners catch up and a glimpse of Enemy

It's a week now since that glorious day in London and Jake Gyllenhaal is back in the States, possibly hard at work on Nightcrawlers. His visit to Europe lasted just a day but Hugh Jackman has been doing great things, whizzing around and making a lot of people very happy. Last Friday Prisoners opened in the UK, which meant that at least I was able to see it and read some of these articles about the film. I didn't want to be spoiled any more that I had to be. I was nervous about Prisoners, I'll be honest. I'm not good with films on that kind of theme but I was completely blown away by it! Its acting, photography and directing were second to none and I was riveted to it for a fast and speedy and thrilling two and a half hours. I know many people have yet to see it in Europe so I don't want to say much but what I can say is that I agree that Inspector Loki is a career-best performance by Jake. He is to be congratulated, along with Hugh and Denis and everyone else involved with the film. I am chuffed and proud!

So, here are a few more videos from the Prisoners promotion. There is a lot more out there and it'll take a while to catch up - at leisure which is a good thing. There is also this interview from Empire.

I loved seeing these snippets from the Apple event! They give you a bit of an idea of what it was like

And thinking ahead, here is a clip from Enemy.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! I'm still floating, I must say, and I have been reluctant to replace the previous post and push it down the blog but needs must! So a bit of a video catch up, mostly from the London visit. Hope you're all having a good week!

Susan said...

So happy for you, Kate, and glad you are still floating! Thanks for the update. While I'm anxious to see Enemy, I am still awed by Prisoners. I've seen it twice so far and I might have to see it in a theater at least once more before I buy the blu-ray. There is so much going on in every frame of that movie. I totally get what Jake was talking about when he said Denis likes "themes" and loves to weave them into his movies.

Nightcrawler must be ramping up - I hope we get a few glimpses of what's happening with it. So nice when there is something fresh about Jake and his movies making its way around the internet.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Susan! I'm hoping my favourite arthouse will get it in shortly so I'll see it again there. Nightcrawlers sounds terrifying....

mermon said...

"Nightcrawlers sounds terrifying...." ? So far sounds interesting to me. What terrifies me is Jake loosing weight, especially with beard what makes him looking even thinner. I hope the journalist's role doesn't require him to be too skinny.
Here is an interview with Jake and Hugh, where Jake at the end talks a bit about his 2 future movies Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal Talk Prisoners - TIFF 2013
Thank you Kate for clips. Academy Conversations and radio KissFM are very good!
After seeing Prisoners, knowing the plot and what they talk about - I like these interviews even more.

Eureka said...

Hi there!
Still waiting for Prisoners here. I don't want to see many interviews to not kill the mystery. Less than 2 weeks to go.
Nightcrawler sounds like a thriller too? I tried to find the translation of the word but cannot make sense of needed.

Susan said...

Hi Eureka! As for the meaning of Nightcrawler, there are several very different definitions depending on what exactly the topic is. The best known is probably the Marvel Comic character Nightcrawler, which I know less than nothing about. The other one is a type of worm that is commonly used as fishing bait, or so I have heard.

If I remember correctly, Jake's character in the movie Nightcrawler is a sort of freelance investigative reporter/journalist digging up stories during night time. So I suppose the worm definition might apply in a way, as he would be looking to dig up some dirt he could turn into a publishable story for money.

I guess we need to be patient and see what kind of information becomes available when the movie starts filming. Shouldn't be long now.

ANTJE said...

"Chuffed and proud" of PRISONERS??!!
I hope I'll be able to agree with you. The film will be in German theatres October 10th. I can hardly wait. Thanks for not presenting a spoiler.

I terrifies me, too, to see Jake losing more and more weight as the weeks/months go by. And the beard is greying and greying and greying ... ... ...

paulh said...

Last Monday I saw "Enough Said." There was a major Jake link there: Catherine Keener.

Maria said...

@antje, I think that looks ok, much better than last year. I didn't like the huge beard he had last year. He is not too slim.
Saw prisoners, great movie. Looking forward to his new movies.

BBMISwear said...

Hello! I'm commenting a little early (meaning I'm commenting before watching any of the videos you posted) but I am soooo behind on all videos and articles of the past month that I didn't want to wait. I wanted to at least stop by to say howdy and see how you've been doing, Kate, after your big adventure and am glad to hear you are still "floating"!! It is a wonderful feeling, isn't it? And lasts and lasts...enjoy!!

Thank you for posting an update including many more Prisoners and Enemy pieces - I have been checking things out little bits at a time - it's almost a tease as I'd love to spend hours on this stuff (ha ha)! That's not very realistic now is it?!

I'll be back as I catch up...great stuff out there (and great new project info that keeps popping up - Go Jake Go)! :-)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks so much for the links, Mermon!

Hi Eureka - that sounds sensible. I was much the same before seeing Prisoners. At the Q&A we were told there could be questions only about the film. This was awkward as noone except the people on the stage had seen it!

ewww, worms! Hi Susan!

Hey Antje! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I wasn't expecting to, that made it even better.

Good to see you, Paul!

Hi Marie!

Hey, Lisa :-) Still floating... Hope you're enjoying the catch up. I still have a weigh to go as well...

Hope you're all having a good weekend. I have a mild bout of flu so don't get too close....