Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Jake Gyllenhaal in the movies - Prisoners, Enemy, Nightcrawler and The Good Girl

Jake Gyllenhaal is a man of three films and in today's post there's a little bit from all three - and a fourth. Firstly, there are some new stills from Enemy, both in front of and behind the camera.

There are also some new images from Prisoners, including a wonderful on set photo of Jake with little Erin Gerasimovich, the talented young actress who plays Anna Dover. Incidentally, Prisoners topped the UK box office not only for the first weekend of its release but also its second!

Jake is currently filming Nightcrawler in LA with first-time director Dan Gilroy. Variety has this from its producer: “We really had no choice but to shoot this in Los Angeles, because it’s set in L.A and it’s a quintessentially Los Angeles kind of project in that the city is very much a character in the movie,” said producer David Lancaster. “It’s a similar situation to ‘Drive,’ where it’s essential to set the movie in L.A. And we also got the tax credit. Thanks to a very fortunate spectator we have our first view of Jake (in pink) in character - a currently unnamed character.

I'm still waiting for the the podcast of Jake and Hugh's London Apple event but iPlayer has captured their interview with Edith Bowman for her BBC Radio 6 show. Their bit of the show begins at about the 2 hour and 37 minute mark. Jake and Hugh also appeared on Steve Wright in the Afternoon on BBC Radio 2 and you can listen to some of that here. They also appeared on the Lorraine Show and that is here.

Jake recorded an interview with Neil Fox and that's available to listen to in two parts here.

Apologies if any of the links don't work for you due to region. This is a most annoying irritation.

Thanks so much to IHJ for the wonderful photos. Do take a look at the gallery as it is overflowing with scans of recent interviews in the media.

And now for the fourth film. This wonderful interview from 2002 when Jake was promotion The Good Girl alongside one of my very favourite of Jake's co-stars, Jennifer Aniston, is now available to watch again. Marvellous.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Still so much to catch up on while Jake is hard at work making yet more movies! I'm rather looking forward to the Everest one.... Great news about the box office for Prisoners. Such a success. I hope you're all having a good week, I am getting over the flu but back on my feet :)

Susan said...

Hi Kate. So sorry you've been under the weather and so happy you still managed to give us some GyllenNews. Loved the old/new clip of the interview with Jennifer Aniston. Seeing young Jake so clean-shaven and full-haired makes me a little nostalgic, like I want to see Highway again. Piiilot!

I must say Mr. Gyllenhaal is looking downright gaunt in those pics from the set of Nightcrawler. Hopefully it's mostly due to the wardrobe and makeup, but he was beginning to look quite thin during the publicity for Prisoners. Maybe he'll get to eat a little more and put on some muscle for the Everest film. Are mountain climbers muscular or wiry? Ah well, no matter - I'll enjoy seeing Jake in any role he acts. No doubt about that.

ANTJE said...

Yeeeeeeeeees, Jake in 2002 - he was still such a baby back then and soooooo "pre-Brokeback Mountain".

Get well soon, Kate.

Jake looking so gaunt and skinny is awful. Gone are the (sexy!!!!??!?!!!!) muscles of his but I cannot figure out why.

Dani said...

Katie, hope you feel better soon. :)

I hate seeing Jake so skinny. He was looking scary thin in the last pictures I saw when he returned from London. But I am hoping it's part of a flash back period for Nightcrawler to show a more youthful -boy like- Jake. Then I hope he gets a couple of weeks off from the film so he can eat and then come back to finish the rest of the story with a different more mature look. The way we love to see him. I wouldn't even mind a little stubble. Just not a full beard, please.

Anonymous said...

Jake's character in "Nightcrawler" has a name: Lou. And a description: Repped by Sierra/Affinity, “Nightcrawler” toplines Gyllenhaal as Lou, a freelance cameraman who tracks down crimes in Los Angeles to feed TV news channels. “It’s an original, time-sensitive and inovative concept. It says something meaningful about the backlash effect of U.S. media outlets seeking to get the highest ratings with ever more sensationalist content,” said Tirel, adding that the character of Lou, played by Gyllenhaal, is reminescent of such cult American characters as Harry Powell (Robert Mitchum) in “The Night of The Hunter,” Edward Norton in Fight Club or Travis Bickle (Robert de Niro) in “Taxi Driver”.

Jake's recent weight loss is specifically for "Nightcrawler". Before Toronto he put himself on a strict diet for it: Gyllenhaal is on a severely restricted diet as he preps for the crime drama Nightcrawler, which he's also producing — Gyllenhaal is only half-joking when he says he's having raw kale for dinner. "I ate a lemon slice like that because I was so hungry," he recalls, making a sour face. "And I said, 'I love it!'"

And no, he hasn't lost his muscles (September 22 gym trainment). He's gonna need them in exactly one month (November 4) for "Everest": And he is ready to go a little bigger in "Everest," a survival-themed action movie in which he'll play the leader of a team of doomed explorers, because it contains some existentialist themes and will be directed by the Icelandic auteur Baltasar Kormakur.

What he's lost is body fat, a lot of it. Why does he need to be skinny for "Nightcrawler"? Gyllenhaal has begun to lose weight for "Nightcrawler," trying to pick up on a theme of hunger, spiritual and physical, in the film.

One thing is for sure: Jake never does things for his movies without a reason. He just doesn't talk about it a priori. Other actors do, he likes to keep the mystery.
People fretted in 2011 when he shaved his head for End of Watch. He's a cop, why? We found out September 2012.
People scratched their heads for months about the neck/hand tatoos, big pinky ring, severe buttoned-up shirt. He's a detective, why? We found out September 2013.
Why the gaunt look for Nightcrawler? We'll find out in 2014.

I'm expecting a sigh of relief in 2 weeks, October 21, closer to "Everest", when Jake will be honored with this year’s Hollywood Supporting Actor Award for his extraordinary work in Denis Villeneuve’s acclaimed thriller “Prisoners.” The award will be bestowed at the Hollywood Film Awards Gala Ceremony on Monday evening, October 21, 2013 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

ANTJE said...

Hello, dear "Anonymous"!
Thanks for all the useful information concerning Jake's recent weight loss. Thank God it's "only" for his next movie and not because he is seriously ill or something. What a relief.
Jake is such a great and gifted actor - therefore he MUST live forever!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am a long standing Gyllenhaalic...BUT...really wish he would go ahead and {DO} the football movie....I flew into New York several years ago to see him @ the New Yorker festival...AND became so starstruck that I couldn't ask the question...When are you gonna play "Joe Namath"...I am old, so hope I don't die before that one comes out....hahah!!!

Sonja said...

Saw 'Prisoners' earlier this week. All I can say is: this is a must see!
Jake's absolutely fabulous in this role, it's his best performance since Jack Twist, as far as I'm concerned.

'Prisoners' is his first movie I actually saw in the theatre, since I 'discovered' Jake (and BBM) last year. It was great to see him on the big screen finally! :-)

mermon said...

Thank you Kate for the old interview with Jennifer & Jake. It was cute! I don't think I've ever seen it before.
Thank you Anon for all "Nightcrawlers"' news. On that picture from a movie, with Jake in pink, I can't say if Jake looks scary skinny or not.It's too distant. I just see him looking very young. I can't wait for better, bigger pic of Lou. Lou sounds quite womanly to me. Is it a popular name in States?

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks, Dani! Much better now, finally. Jake was extremely skinny when I saw him but hopefully Everest will fill him out again :)

Thanks Anon for all the useful links!

Hi Antje! he must!

Hi 14:57! Oh dear, I hope that's not the case! I'm not sure if that'll ever happened now. So many projects have ended up being filed away...

I'm so glad you liked it Sonja!

Hi Mermon! It's not a common name here, either.

New post!