Thursday, 31 October 2013

Jake Gyllenhaal, Matthew McConaughey, Jared Leto, Forest Whitaker, Josh Brolin, Michael B. Jordan around the table

What do you get if you combine Jake Gyllenhaal, Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto? A very happy WDW, that's what. This week Jake appeared on an Actors Awards Roundtable alongside Matt, Jared (just think Highway), Forest Whitaker, Josh Brolin (will appear in Everest with Jake) and Michael B. Jordan. This treat is courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter. The stars had auditions on their minds and you can read part of the transcript here as well as watch the video if the embedded player below doesn't work for you.

We hear in this interview about Jake's audition experience for Frodo in Lord of the Rings. Some things are not meant to be and for that I am truly grateful.

Thanks so much to IHJ for images from the Roundtable. There are scans there too so do go and take a peek.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

What can I say but.... WOW! I've not listened to all this yet - it's a whapper. A great treat! So whaddya think?

Susan said...

I've just watched the entire video and I have no words to describe how incredibly entertaining it was to hear the discussion among this group of actors. WOW! is right. Thanks for posting it, Kate.

By the way, you are so right - some things are not meant to be and Jake was NEVER destined to be a Hobbit. Thank goodness!

BBMISwear said...

Yay! I am so happy that Jake is finally a part of one of these roundtables - I've seen them appear in THR for years and years and always hoped he'd be invited to one - and now he has! I have the video flagged and will sit back and enjoy it this weekend when time finally allows but without even seeing it I am so excited to simply see Jake and Jared in the same room together again - Highway! One of my favorites! Pilot and Jack - love them! LOL - sorry - obviously I'm a little excited here!

In the meantime, although I haven't watched the roundtable video yet I have been slowly watching the many, many Prisoners promo videos that have been posted over the last 2 months and have been thoroughly enjoying them all. Jake can be a bit serious when talking about this movie (except when speaking about he and Denis' relationship of course!) but it is a serious movie so I guess that makes sense. So more video watching this weekend - whoowhee! Did I mention I love Jake and Jared together?! Ha Ha!

Happy Friday all - thanks for the post, WDW!! :-)

mermon said...

I enjoyed watching a video very much. So many cool guys at one table. I have to admit I don't know Micheal B. Jordan at all.
But the rest of them is linked with Jake. To the things you mentioned Kate, I would add Matthiew is close to Jake as his cycling buddy and Forest Whitaker was with Jake in "Blame it" video clip. I wish Jake and Jared said something about making Highway together. BTW I never heard Jake talking about that interesting and special movie.
Jared was a star of that gathering IMO. He's a very fine guy. I like him as an actor.
I was upset at one question to Jake about making mistakes in his career, interviewer mentioned POP. Jake answered with laugh, wisely and fast switching it from a movie to working with director. I'm sick of people telling Jake POP was a failure. He could say it himself, if it's something he thinks. I remember Jake being proud about making it. How many times it may be repeated? It's so annoying and disrespectful. Good that it was a note mentioning that in Europe a Box Office was much better. If I ever met Jake I would tell him how many people loves POP!
I enjoyed a lot all these photo session takes in between a conversation.
Last news from IHJ - Jake In Talks To Star In Boxing Movie 'Southpaw!

Sonja said...

I'm actually a bit surprised this post hasn't got more replies.
Maybe people haven't had the time to watch the interview yet?

I enjoyed it, although it would've been nice to see (and hear) a bit more of Jake in it. Seems like it was edited quite a lot, which is a shame. Maybe Jake and Jared did say something about 'Highway', but we didn't get to see it.
Same for the special movie guestion. I'm pretty sure Jake would have answered "Donnie Darko, Brokeback Mountain and End of Watch" - I've read that answer in another interview he did recently, so... ;-)

As far as PoP is concerned: I don't like it as a movie, but I've seen the many, many promotion interviews on YouTube and, back then, Jake was excited and proud that he starred in it, so I don't think he thinks of it as 'a mistake' at all.

Really, really enjoy all these interviews - exciting and busy times for Jake! Yeah! :-)

Anonymous said...

Ich habe gelesen das Jake wohlmöglich
schon wieder Verhandlungen führt für einen neuen Film.Hoffentlich übernimmt er sich nicht.Es kommt noch
ein Film jetzt.dann Nigthcrawwler
dann Everest,und jetzthabe ich gelesen es soll ein Film übers Boxe sein.Er sollte sich mal erholen,und sorgen das er erst einmal sein Gewicht wieder bekommt.

Maria said...

Good, open conversation at the round table, enjoyed watching it. Is nightcrawler finished? I wonder when the shoots of everestvare starting.

Anonymous said...

WOW ! I finally had the time to watch the video. It's wonderful and the photos are as well.
Thank you so much for posting it, Kate.
Have a good week everyone.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Sorry for the silence over the weekend with the comments - I was away and with no internet whatsoever! I survived....

Pleasure, Susan! And how I agree with you. I am no fan of hobbits!

Hey, BBMISwear :-) Totally agree. Jared and Jake are so great together. I really love Matt too so all good with this video. Enjoy the catch up!

Hi Mermon :) I feel the same about Zodiac - with me that's the film I want Jake to know I love. I don't think he's ashamed of PoP though. I think he had too much fun making it.

Hi Sonja!

Hi 7:11 :) Apologies for having no German but there are German speakers here. I'm looking forward to Everest!

Waves to Maria and Christina!

I am in two minds about the news of the boxing movie. If this goes ahead then we may have a first for me - a Jake film I don't want to watch. But we shall see what happens.... Roll on Everest!

Anonymous said...

"I am in two minds about the news of the boxing movie. If this goes ahead then we may have a first for me - a Jake film I don't want to watch. But we shall see what happens.... Roll on Everest!"

From what I hear, boxing is only a small part of the film. Its the relationship between the fighter (he has to stop boxing at some point)and his daughter that is the meat of the story.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Anon, yes I heard that but it still doesn't make me want to see it.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the roundtalble discussion but thought Jake was uncomfortable. He and Matt were at one time friends, however I thought there was some weird tension between them during the discussion. I don't know, maybe just reading into things, but I did not feel that Jake was as relaxed as he usually is during these kinds of things.