Friday, 11 October 2013

Meet the FIlmmakers

I am so happy to see this! Thanks very much to IHJ for showing us the London Apple Store Meet the Filmmakers, featuring Jake Gyllenhaal, Hugh Jackman and Denis Villeneuve. (I'm on the front row towards the right.)


Wet Dark and Wild said...

That's my lunchtime entertainment taken care of! Thanks so much, Steph!

Susan said...

Lovely, lovely video! Thanks for sharing!

mermon said...

Kate, you were very lucky to be there. It was so fine, funny, interesting. It shows how the guys like and appreciate each other, how they feel comfortable in that interview. It's pure joy to watch! I did it again today!
And you had a first row seat!

mermon said...

One more thing, Denis' English is adorable!

BBMISwear said...

I am so thrilled to be able to watch the meet the filmmakers event and will happily know you were right there, Kate! Wonderful! I have declared tomorrow video watching day as I still have so many to see and this will be one of them. So I will be back to comment further soon! In the meantime I very much enjoyed your last post that I didn't have a chance to comment on - how great it has been to have so many back to back film projects for Jake for us to learn about and eventually enjoy on the big screen - what a great couple of years it has been for Jake.

And that old Good Girl promo interview - love it - you're right that it's been a while since it's been around - a definite keeper!

I'm not sure if the Anon who posted a bunch of stuff about Jake's films and weight changes is still around to read this but the Joe Namath movie was mentioned and, as I've always said, I would love love love for him to do this project. Yes, I know it may not mean a thing to people outside of the states but it would mean a lot to a lot of people in the states and that could equal success for Jake. (I figure that's a good reason for all to want it to happen - if seeing him doing a commercial for pantyhose isn't enough - ha ha)! Anyway, Anon wished to have asked Jake about this movie and I did just that back in 2008 at my lunch with him. His mouth was full at the time so when I asked if he would be doing this film he very enthusiastically nodded his head - I told him it would be such a great role for him. Sadly it's been 5 years and still nothing more has come up about this movie and there possibly never will be (we know how these things can go). Just wanted to mention it since it came up randomly in the last comments!

Oh...another comment from the last post...this one from Mermon re: the name Lou! To answer, Lou is fairly common in the states for men - it is short for Louis.

Well I guess that's enough comments on comments from me - ha ha! Hope everyone is having a good weekend. :-)

ANTJE said...

Oh dear, just saw the latest Nightcrawler-on-set-photographs uploaded on IHJ this morning. Even though I now know that Jakey won't stay so horribly skinny and gaunt for good I still can't watch. He looks sooooooooo fragile.
All for his art.
All for love.

Sonja said...

Saw the new photos too...

Although I must say I admire him for being able to 'transform' himself into a different person for every single movie he does - especially Jarhead, PoP, End of Watch and Enemy - he does look alarmingly thin in these pics. Sigh.

Here's to hoping "Nightcrawler" will be worth it!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks, Susan and Mermon! Denis was really rather lovely :)

Hey BBMISwear :-) I am so glad you can see it! I wouldn't mind seeing the Namath movie come about either. It wouldn't mean much to me but it would be fun to watch.

Hi Antje and Sonja! I totally agree - that look is awful. Absolutely awful.

ANTJE said...

Dear all!
Yep, Jakey may be too thin these days and therefore may have lost a lot of his usual attractiveness/sexiness, but please go to IHJ and have a look at the latest pics uploaded today, October, 16th.
Jake on set and sporting a cute little hair bun kind of thing (or something in that style). I don't know what made him ... ... ... but I


adore it!