Monday, 14 October 2013

Meet Lou from Nightcrawler - Jake Gyllenhaal on set in LA

We have our first proper look at Lou, Jake Gyllenhaal's character in Nightcrawler, which is now filming in Los Angeles. Jake did seem rather gaunt when I was lucky enough to speak to him last month but he didn't look this thin - I'm hoping much of this is due to the role, ie posture, dress and hair. As for that hair..... Dan Gilroy and I may be having words.... So, what do you think? Thanks very much to IHJ for the new pics!


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Blimey.... This looks is going to take some getting used to. Role on the Everest movie! What do you think?

I hope you're having a good Monday!

ANTJE said...

WILL SOMEONE PLEASE FEED THE JAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??!!!!!

Susan said...

Going extremely gaunt and unhealthy-looking seems to be a popular thing for lots of leading men these days. I am reminded of Christian Bale in The Mechanic, and more recently of Matthew McConaughey in Dallas Buyers Club. Hopefully they will wrap up filming quickly and Jake can get back to a more normal diet. It will be very interesting to find out what "Lou" is all about and why he's so skinny. I have it stuck in my head right now that he's literally hungry and starved for work and that's how the character gets involved in "the nocturnal world of freelance crime journalism in Los Angeles."

Donnie Darko was never that skinny, and although Pilot Kelson came close, I don't think he was either. The clean shaven face makes Jake look younger, but I am NOT a fan of Lou's hairstyle. :-)

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. Jake looks awfully thin. I hope he has to gain weight for "Everest" soon.
Have a nice week everyone.

Maria said...

I like it better than the homeless look for his play last year, although he could gain a few pounds. Is this a seventies movie, looking at his hair, glaces and outfit. My dad looked like this in the seventies.

mermon said...

WOW! At last we see Lou! I also wonder what is the reason for the journalist to be so skinny.
IMO the skinniest Jake's character so far was Jamie from LAOD. New hairdo reminds me of that from Nailed, a bit funny.
If I had to choose a thing I don't like - it would be the style of his jacket, hanging on him. His beautiful shoulders disappeared!
Anyway we have clear pictures of Lou, at last! Filming of Nightcrawlers will be short from what I remember, so he'll be free to eat more!

Eureka said...

Wow, he looks so different.
Just yesterday I saw him as Loki. Today is shocking!
I'm looking forward to a non-drama movie. And you?
Thanks Kate

Anonymous said...

I believe the weight loss is make him look younger.

Sonja said...

Eureka: I know what you mean. I saw him as Loki last week, so yeah - the difference is huge! ;-)

Dani said...

I am still shaken a little bit by his undernourished frame. The hair definitely leaves a lot to be desired. However, his nice smooth face makes me happy. I think I am slowly coming around to this look because it's temporary - hopefully - and it's making the anticipation to see what "Lou" is all about very exciting.

Anonymous said...

Lou certainly seems to be an intriguing character but I totally agree, what's up with this massive weight loss!? Despite my undying love for Jake I have to say this is probably one of my least favourite looks. Missing the beautiful biceps and I'm dying to see Jake with a decent haircut - he has such gorgeous hair! Everest perhaps will see him looking more like himself - but given the storyline is a stranded expeditioner I fear we might get the mountain man! However I have no doubt the performances of both will be stellar.

Anonymous said...

Ich muß schon sagen ,das Jake sehr
abgenommen hat.Dadurch das der Bart fehlt,sieht es noch schlimmer aus.Ich
sehe ihn gerne mit Bart,aber der sollte höchstens 3 Tage alt sein.

mermon said...

New Jake's look made us comment! LOL
There are many new pictures of Jake from a set in IHJ gallery. In a pink shirt, short sleeves. Jake looks much better on them, not so skinny. Actually I started to like his new look. His "naked" face is beautiful as always :)
On Set In Los Angeles | October 14, 2013

mermon said...

For those who don't know this cute story yet. Look for no 20. :
Why Did Fran Kranz Dress Up As Jake Gyllenhaal?

Eureka said...

Yep Mermon,
Much better in the pink shirt. The jacket did not make him justice.

Sonja said...

I actually like him in that pink shirt! He looks much better in those pics!

Err... aren't we supposed to love him as an actor and not just for his looks? LOL!

Just kidding, guys! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Some of the above comments are terribly shallow. What kind of a fan "loves" an actor only when he looks good? What's more important for a serious actor: to look good or to give a fantastic performance?
If you mostly like an actor for his appearance, maybe Jake Gyllenhaal isn't the right thespian for you. Because the new matured Jake doesn't give a damn about looks anymore, he wants to become the character and he's choosing dark, weird characters who are "hard to love at first".
It's Jake's decision as he's making the transition to maturity as a actor and a man. Doesn't mean he won't look gorgeous anymore, just that in several movies he will look unglamourous playing misfits.
Someone wrote on Twitter: "We want him to be healthy and appealing, don't we?". Made me shudder:
1. Jake IS healthy. I'm sure his radical dieting was done under medical supervision. And he will gain some of the weight next month. Also under medical supervision.
2. No, not all of us want Jake to always look appealing on screen. Some of us want Jake to look however he decides to, while giving the best, most compelling performance.
If you're appalled, weirded out by Jake as Lou in Nightcrawler, you're free to not watch the movie. You'll probably miss a standout performance that people will talk about next year, but it's your choice if you can't look at him so "awfully skinny and unhealthy". Let us others enjoy his acting choices, talent and dedication.

Susan said...

Hi there, Anon 22:12. Thanks so much for your insightful comment. I am thrilled to pieces just knowing how well you have grasped the true meaning behind every "shallow" comment posted here. Also, you have my undying gratitude for explaining that Mr. Gyllenhaal actually IS healthy and that he is a mature MAN and how SERIOUSLY he takes his craft. I would never have known any of that without your observations.

Oh, wait - yes, as a matter of fact, I already knew all of that. Most of us who hang out here at WDW are serious fans who 1) love Jake's work as well as 2) find him attractive, most of the time. In that order. We are not "shallow", Anon, we are normal, happy people who have one little thing in common and we come here to celebrate it. While we celebrate it, we sometimes go off on tangents and we have fun doing it.

I'm so sorry you have a stick shoved so far up your behind that you can't lighten up and simply enjoy celebrating a brilliant actor and a truly wonderful, decent individual like Jake Gyllenhaal with a sense of humor. That's why we like to hang out here.

My apologies, Kate, for jumping in. I felt an overwhelming need to express myself.

BBMISwear said...

Jake's loss of weight for this role has certainly brought on a lot of comments all over the internet! It's such an intense look and my guess is it's not just the weight loss (which is no doubt medically managed and completely safe) but it's all the other things the hair, costume and make up crew have done with him - what a transformation. Although not one of his sexiest looks (really? LOL!) it sure is intriguing and makes me want to learn more about Lou. The other thing I've found with almost all of Jake's films (which is probably the case with other actors that are followed so closely by their fans) is pictures like this taken out of context doesn't reveal half of what we end up seeing when we are watching him move across the movie screen. We saw some shots similar to these for Enemy, a movie I was lucky enough to see, and those pictures did absolutely no justice - it's a whole different "feel" seeing those characters in motion. I think the same will happen with Nightcrawler. I definitely admire Jake's dedication to his work - he seems to always give 110%!

One thing I will say that as a long time Jake fan I am personally ready for a less stressful movie from him - it doesn't have to be a musical or a comedy (although that could be fun) but there have been so many stressful films from him in a row I am ready for a straight forward drama - maybe a serious love story. And when I say stressful it's a personal opinion as violent, scary, bloody, suspenseful scenes over and over again equals stressful to me. I haven't relaxed in a movie theater watching Jake for years - ha ha! I'm so glad I went to see his play 6 times - that wasn't stressful!! Whatever he does I will always go see it multiple times and I always seem to enjoy it - but the next two coming out will bring on the stress once more. Yikes - who knew being such a loyal Jake fan would take years off your life?! LOL!

Here's to learning more about Jake's new projects and thanks for getting the conversation going, Kate!


mermon said...

To @Anon 22:12
As you refer to my tweet so I will answer.
When you come here, on WDW - you don't need to worry. We all love Jake deeply, respect him and follow his career, waiting impatiently for his movies. I personally accept him in every shape, hairdo, cloth and shoes :)
However I may have my preferences and a need to discuss things with friends.
Despite your comment attacks us here, I can see you like Jake and feel a need to fight for him. You don't need to fight with us, don't worry. We'll go to see Nightcrawler for sure, just to enjoy it like all his films and to support him in his career.
So relax. In the time when is no much news about the movie - it's good to discuss whatever we may with full respect to him and his privacy.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Good to see you all here this morning! Thanks very much for the comments :)

Anon 22:12 - when I first read your comment I was cross. You've made a judgement in your comment about people who have posted here on WDW for years and who have followed Jake's movie career for years. This site is built upon a steady and strong appreciation of Jake the actor. It is, though, tempered by humour and affection for each other and for Jake. When an actor transforms himself for a role, it would be bonkers not to mention it, or even not to have an opinion on it - we are human after all and this is (or certainly should be) a friendly place in which to chat about it. To judge posters here (especially from behind a curtain of anonymity) is bad form and my need to defend them knows no limits. I am, though, now feeling calmer in the cold light of day, largely because of Mermon's generous and good-natured response to you. You are a Jake fan, just like the rest of us here, and I tend to think that's a uniting force for good!

I would urge, as always, that posters are respectful of one another and that it is always best to post with a name, however made up it is.

Good to see you all! And thanks for such an interesting chat!

ANTJE said...

Dear all!
Yep, Jakey may be too thin these days and therefore may have lost a lot of his usual attractiveness/sexiness, but please go to IHJ and have a look at the latest pics uploaded today, October, 16th.
Jake on set and sporting a cute little hair bun kind of thing (or something in that style). I don't know what made him ... ... ... but I


adore it!

Sonja said...

I have to say I always enjoy coming here, always! In fact, this is just about the ONLY Jake site I visit!
Mostly because this site is gossip free (unlike many others), where we can have a good conversation about Jake, his work, his roles and yes... his looks.
I don't think anyone is disrespectful of Jake on here. I know I'm not - and never will be.

Thanks again Kate, for all your work. Just wanted to say this xxx

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks, Sonja xx

Hi Antje - I saw that! Like it!

ANTJE said...

Aherm, "shallow" comments??
I should say that most of us regulars visit this site/blog for entertaining reasons mainly and because we love THE ARTIST Jake Gyllenhaal.
I agree with Sonja. This site is the only Jake-site I go to, too, because it's gossip-free and because Kate does not discuss Jake's private matters whatsoever but presents his public life only.
If I wanted glossy magazine stuff about Jake I would not come here. And discussing Jake's weight loss and his gaunt appearance for ART is just part of being a Gyllenhaalic. By the way, dear Anonymous, we're not crazy. We're just interested in Jake's career - and that includes discussing his different looks in all his different movies. Compare his looks in his latest movies he has been in since 2011.
END OF WATCH - no hair at all
ENEMY - full beard and full hair
PRISONERS - tattoo on the side and long hair all slicked back
NIGHTCRAWLER - gaunt looks, no beard, no nothing.
I should say it's fantastic and fascinating the way he changes for every new character.
THAT'S what we discuss.
And if you believe this to be "shallow", well then so be it. Could you give us a name next time you post a comment???

Sonja said...

Good comment, Antje! I agree completely.

Sasha Hoyt said...

I know, I'm late to the party but I have to say something too. (In my defense - I tried twice this morning but my phone was not cooperating.)


Dear Anon 22:12,

Of all the people in every fandom I have ever been in (I am also a Hiddlestoner and a Cumberbabe, so you know I "met" a ton of fangirls) the Gyllenhaalics are probably the ones who care least about how "their" actor looks.

Which is a good thing, because Jake is one of the least vain actors I ever came across - on screen and off. (Sasquatch anyone?)

Admittedly there are a few crazy Gyllenhaalics out there too (which fandom doesn't have those?), but THIS is not the place you will meet ANY of those weirdos.

I consider myself lucky enough to have met most of the wonderful, charming, and thoughtful women on here. Either in person or through Skype. They have been friends for over three years and while we occasionally share some laughter and silly banter, we also have in depth discussions and analyse every little detail of Jake's movies.

You're welcome to join our pub and see for yourself.

Maria said...

@Kate, love this site, your posts and the comments.
Great to see Jake in a new movie, looking forward to the Everest movie.

Anonymous said...

Jake hat aber ordentlich abgenom-
men.Ist das nur für den Film?

ANTJE aus Deutschland said...

Hallo Anonymous 18.53!
Ja, das ist nur für den Film!!!

Anonymous said...

Btw for those of you who haven't read the GQ Australia interview with Jake, it's a must-read. The bit about him getting down to Rihanna, Miley etc really cracked me up. A little hard to imagine, but may be not, this man is so multi dimensional, he's always full of surprises. Love it!

paulh said...

Is Jake really thinner than usual, or is he just dressed so as to *seem* that he is?

I like it that he is playing these interesting, quirky characters at this point in his career. No soul-deadening franchises that would trap him into playing the same character for three or six more movies.

There's nothing wrong with a good drama or suspense movie if it's done well and makes audiences think. I've been thinking about "Prisoners" every since I saw ir.

Anonymous said...

Ich habe die neuesten Bilder von
Jake gesehen,und war doch geschockt.
Hoffentlich hat er bald sein altes
Gewicht wieder.Damit gefällt er mir
doch wesentlich besser.Er sieht so
viel älter aus.