Monday, 25 November 2013

A catch up in words, videos and images - Jake Gyllenhaal honours casting directors, talks Prisoners and Nightcrawler and The Hand

Jake Gyllenhaal and his hand have been busy over the last few days moving between Los Angeles and New York City, attending more honorary events and screenings of Prisoners.

Firstly, here's a great video of Jake discussing Prisoners and much, much more with Gold Derby editor Tom O'Neil.

This week we also heard a little bit more about the mirror attack and Nightcrawler thanks to

"We were working a scene and it was an intense scene, and I just went for it," he told us. "It's going to be in the movie, too, which is pretty awesome. The feeling that you left it all out on the field, ya know? That you even put a little of your own blood into a project." In the film Gyllenhaal plays a young man caught up in the seedy, underground world of freelance crime journalism, and while his mirror-punching exploits will indeed make it into the film, he added that you may not see his character punch the mirror in the shot, but you will see it shatter.'

"It's so hard to explain this character," Gyllenhaal said. "He's all over the map in this way that is so fun to play. We were experimenting a lot because it's such a brilliant screenplay -- probably one of the best I've ever read. Dan Gilroy wrote it, and [the character] is sort of a modern version of a real entrepreneur. This sort of personification of this idea that success is the ultimate goal regardless of anything. He's charming, and at the same time calculating. Why he is all these things is definitely underneath that [mirror-punching] moment in a way, but he's just so complex. It was real fun to play as an actor."

Thanks to IHJ for the photos from last Monday's Casting Society of Artios Awards which honoured casting directors. Jake clearly enjoyed his speech:

“It’s really nice to see casting directors get up here and be more nervous than I’ve ever seen them before,” Gyllenhaal told the packed International Ballroom at the Beverly Hilton. “Now you know how it feels! It’s perversely wonderful to watch you shake. I’m actually kind of getting off on it.”

Jake also said: 'On behalf of me, my sister (actress Maggie Gyllenhaal), my brother-in-law, who's an actor (Peter Sarsgaard), my mother and my father. We could not have done it without you.'

On 22 November, Jake took part in a special showing of Prisoners for the Envelope Screening Series. You can watch the video here. At the screening, Jake talked a little about Loki's characteristic blinking tic: "I get these strange instincts when I'm reading something," Gyllenhaal said. "And one of those things in this movie, when I read the script … I had this feeling of this blinking. I don't know really where it came from. I try a lot of things with Denis. He allows that. It is why he's so extraordinary. He creates a space that's safe, which is why I think he got such incredible actors to be a part of this process." Gyllenhaal added: "His love of actors and his ability to say, 'I'm going to give you the space to create in there; I'm not going to manipulate you in the wrong way,' I think made us all come along." When Gyllenhaal pitched the idea of Loki's tic to Villeneuve at a diner, "[Villeneuve] said, 'If we use it enough and it has a reason, if we find a reason for this, then I love it.' And we did."'

And finally

We've had this before but IMDb has released the trailer for Enemy on YouTube this week and so it seems like a good time to show it again:

Here is a brief clip of Jake at the recent Oscars' Governors Awards:


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Lots going on! I hope you all had a good weekend :)

Anonymous said...

turdsGeeJetzt ist Jake wieder NY und mich wundert es,das man Ihn noch nicht mit
seiner Freundin gesehen hat.Ich habe ein komisches Gefühl dabei.Aber man kann sich auch irren.Vielleicht sieht
man die Zwei ja bald.

Anonymous said...

Love the Gold Derby interview. Jake charming and entertaining as always and how is it he looks so good on Skype. No one looks good on Skype! I'm glad he's putting back all the lost weight too.


ANTJE said...

Ha, I've ALWAYS known it!!!!
Jake gives just anything for his performing art - his heart and his blood, literally!!!!!
Even though it's a bit "eeeeek" I must say that I like the idea of using Jake's little accident on film. Makes it all the more authentic.
Jake's left hand is still "wrapped up". So it must have been a serious accident indeed. He would not still wear the bandages, had it been just a mere scratch. Or maybe he still sports the bandages on purpose so that everybody around him goes "ooooh, poor, poor Jake. Still in pain ... ... ... " Men with injuries/wounds, you know what they are like, don't you, girls?

Sonja said...

I've read that he's very proud of his bandages! ;-)

BBMISwear said...

Great to see so much news lately (it feels like Prisoners is being released all over again)! Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Hanukkah to those who celebrate. I guess I should get back to Thanksgiving prep since there will be 23 people at my house this afternoon - yikes! It's always nice to take a break and read Jake news when I can, though - much needed. :-)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! I hope those in the US had a good Thanksgiving - no doubt you are all off out shopping now :)

Hi 19:04 :)

Thanks so much for commenting, Malavika!

Hi Antje! I'm no good with blood. I may faint!

Hi Sonja!

Hey BBMISwear :-) Loads going on and it's really good stuff - red carpets, detailed interviews, awards - really pleasant. I hope your Thanksgiving Bash went well!

sami said...

Was ist eigentlich mit Jake und Alyssa.Man hat sie im August das letzte mal gesehen.Da ist wohl wieder Schluß.

ANTJE said...

No good with blood?
You fear you might faint while watching NIGHTCRAWLER?
How did you react when you saw BBM for the very first time? I mean the scene "Jack" is dying with his face covered in blood??

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Sam :) Chat about Jake's private life doesn't go on here, I'm afraid. But thanks for posting with a name!

Hi Antje! I am terrible with blood. The scene in BBM is horrific but it didn't make me go giddy as it's so quick and I thought it was well done. There's much worse in Prisoners.

I hope you're all having a good week! Three days and then I'm back to Italy :)

Sonja said...

Jake is nominated for a Satellite Award for his role of Det. Loki.

Yaaaay! Go Jake! Here's to the Oscar!

Anna said...

Enemy named in list of top 10 Canadian films of 2013

ANTJE said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! The Sattelite Award for Jake as "Officer Loki". Let's hope that his second Oscar nomination will be beckoning, too.
By the way, a few days ago you asked why I have doubts about EVEREST.
I'm not really into action movies, let alone action movies based on real life events. Yet, I'm sure Jake will perform as convincingly as always. We all know that he has great talent and that his performing art is very diversive, even though he never went to a drama school and never had a formal training. Reading all his latest comments about how he usually handles his movie characters to become "the character", I'm sure I'll enjoy EVEREST as well. After all, I'm interested most in Jake Gyllenhaal's performing art and his artistic development - including EVEREST.

BBMISwear said...

Back to Italy, Kate?! How wonderful! I am so envious! Please do share photos!

And Yay to Jake getting so much recognition for his role in Prisoners. We of course don't know how the award season will go (especially since they don't seem to make a lot of sense much of the time) but we can hope for the best for Jake! :-)

Sonja said...

@Antje: he's just nominated - he hasn't got it yet! ;-) ;-)

I've read the book that 'Everest' is based upon (Jon Krakauer's "Into thin air") and it's a fabulous book. I can't wait to see the film.

I agree with you though - Jake has played so many roles in so many different kinds of films... Like you, I don't like all of them, but I do like Jake in (almost) all of them! :-)

Exciting times!!!

Sonja said...

Kate, is it okay if I post a link to an interview? This is a must read!

Don't know how to post a proper link here, so you'll have to copy and paste ;-)


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone!

This is great news Sonja, Anna and Antje! Thanks also for the interview link, Sonja. I'm doing another post in the morning so I'll add that. There's more news too :)

Yes, off to Tuscany again, BBMISwear :-) Can't keep away!

Thanks again so much for the links, Sonja and Anna.

Have a good day everyone :)

sami said...

Bist Du die Kate der ich vor längerer
Zeit ein Pfannkuchen Rezept für Jake
geschickt habe?