Monday, 18 November 2013

Jake Gyllenhaal attacked by a mirror but it doesn't get in the way of a full weekend! Plus an Everest update

What a week! It started off with all the sirens going off when Jake Gyllenhaal got into a scrap with a mirror which decided to attack him and his left hand on the set of Nightcrawler. Luckily a few stitches were required but that was it. I would like to have words with all of those news reports that put 'hospitalised' into their attention grabbing, panicky headlines without due care and attention. There are a few more details here.

But Jake and his hand both appeared at the Variety screening of Prisoners at the Arclight Hollywood on Friday. You can read more here at the Mail.

Jake also made an appearance at the Academy Governors Awards on Saturday to watch Angela Lansbury, Steve Martin and Angelina Jolie collect honorary Oscars.

At the Awards Jake had the honour of sitting next to no less a personage than Harrison Ford! This does make me feel a little weak at the knees.

You can spot Jake (and Mr Ford) at the end of this video. Many thanks to Eureka for passing on the link.

Everest update

Since the news that Everest had run into some financial problems (the movei not the mountain), there has been an update from Deadline. Financial backing is now in place and filming will start on 13 January in Italy before moving on to Nepal and Iceland. This might be the one Christmas when Jake does hope for some extra thick woolly socks.

Thanks to IHJ for the pics! There are more there including photos of Jake visiting the Medical Center in Beverly Hills. For once, one can guess what it might have been about! Hope you mend soon, Jake.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! How I'd love to sit at a table with Jake and Mr Ford :) Have a good Monday!

Anonymous said...

Tut mir sehr leid für Jake.Hoffentlich sind seine Schmerzen
nicht so schlimm.Ich wünsche Ihm gute

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks, 15:00 :) I hope it doesn't hurt too much, as well.

Sonja said...

He can't even visit a hospital without being photographed... sometimes I feel sorry for him - I really do.
But on the other hand ;-) ... I'm glad he's doing fine!

Good news on 'Everest'! Another mountain movie! ;-)
Can't wait!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Sonja :) There seem to be paps permanently lodged outside that Medical Center, so many celebrities go there. I'm with you about Everest! Excellent :)

Susan said...

Truly a swoon-worthy view, Jake sitting next to Harrison Ford! I could drool over that one for a week, I think.

Was Jake perhaps preparing for Everest even when he went on the adventure with Bear Grylls in Iceland? He confessed to a problem with (can we say 'fear of'?) heights on that episode of Man vs. Wild. That has to be a huge challenge to an actor about to portray a real-life mountain climber. Brrr!

Anonymous said...

Ich kann was ich denke nicht in
englisch ausdrücken,hoffe aber das
vielleicht ein bißchen Deutsch lesen

BBMISwear said...

Thanks for the many updates, Kate - I haven't had much time to get here as of late but good to see so much info once I finally found the time! I think I read in one of the comments that you were feeling sick for a bit - hope you're feeling better. And hope Jake is feeling better too - doesn't seem like the injury kept him down much at all. He is looking great at the Governor's Awards (and I know you are double excited to see Harrison Ford too)! Loving all the movie bits - Nightcrawler, Everest, more on Prisoners and even Nailed?! The mystery film of films...who knows what/when/how we're going to see that one but I hope we do. It's a fun one if nothing else - and we need some fun I think (and so does Jake - in his film catalog that is)! :-)

Eureka said...

"Woolly socks" He,he. Love your wit and humor Kate.
Two wonderful men sitting together indeed. Thanks for the post.
I crave for some comedy or lighter tone movie for Jake. But his choices are his. And I'm glad to go along with him. ;o)

Anonymous said...

Nun sieht Jake schon um einiges besser aus.Wenn seine Hand dann wieder in Ordnung ist,ist ja soweit
alles wieder OK.Ich wünsche ihm viel Glück.

Anonymous said...

Jake wieder in NY.Ob man ihn mit Alyssa sieht?Bin gespannt.Sie war ja lange alleine.Habe ein komisches
Gefühl.Vielleicht war die Zeit zu lange.Laß mich überraschen.

Sonja said...

I'm sure we'll see pics of Jake & Alyssa pretty soon! :-)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi BBMISwear :-) I was knocked out by a terrible migraine for a few days but back and at it again! I hope you've been well. I LOVE Harrison Ford so double thrills for me there :D

Thanks, Eureka!

Hi 12:13 :)

Waves to Sonja!