Thursday, 5 December 2013

Jake Gyllenhaal to be part of Canada's Top 10 Film Festival and an award nomination

Jake Gyllenhaal is heading back to Toronto. On January 5 Jake and Denis Villeneuve (director of Prisoners and Enemy) will be appearing in conversation with Cameron Bailey (TIFF Artistic Director) as part of Canada's Top 10 Film Festival. You can read the details here and, if you're lucky, buy tickets to watch Jake in conversation for 90 minutes! I've had the privilege of watching something similar and I can guarantee that it would be unforgettable. And funny.

This does, of course, mean that the Toronto International Film Festival is rather chuffed by Jake's work with Denis and it is a huge honour for Enemy that it has been listed in its top ten for the year.

The other good news this week is that Jake has been nominated for an award by the International Press Academy! The award nomination is for Best Actor in a Supporting Role and is for Prisoners. While we know only to well how unreliable and tipsy the awards season can be, this can only bode well. It also continues the acclaim that Jake has received for Prisoners and Enemy this year.

Thanks to Sonja for a link to this great interview with Jake in It would seem that blockbusters aren't on Jake's mind right now. Jake also admits to being rather intense when he's at work: 'But I am focused when I work on something, and I think my tendency of late has been to move towards darker material.' It's good to see a mention of Bubble Boy but it looks like a comedy could be a way off still.

Thanks to IHJ for this photo of the cast and crew of Nightcrawler on set in LA. Love this. There are some great new photos up from Elle Man China (one is above) so do take a look.

I'm off to Florence and Tuscany in the wee hours of Saturday so I will see you soon!


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! I hope you're all having a good week! I love these Elle Man China pics...

Susan said...

Hi,Kate! Great news about the awards recognition Prisoners and Enemy is receiving, not to mention awards for Jake's performance. It may be (probably is) a long shot, but I have fingers crossed for an Oscar nomination for Jake this year. Prisoners certainly made an impact on critics as well as audiences. I have high hopes for Nightcrawler, too. And I'm still waiting impatiently to see Enemy.

Florence and Tuscany! You lucky, lucky girl! Have a wonderful trip and take some lovely photos you can share with us.

ANTJE said...

Yes, the Elle Man China pics are lovely.
Very lovely.
Very, very lovely.
Very, very, VERY lovely indeed.

Sophia said...

A really good personal interview with Jake.

Anonymous said...

Hi ! Great news. Thank you so much for the update, Kate.
Have a wonderful time in Italy and make sure you take lots of photos to share with us.
Have a nice evening everyone.

Sonja said...

Ooooh, my name is on WDW!!! I'm famous! ;-)

@Antje: LOL!

@Sophia: Yes, that interview is great! 33 minutes of Jake - just Jake. What more could we ask for? ;-) I love how passionate he is about his roles, it's wonderful to hear him talk like that... I could listen to him for hours!

Have a save trip and a good time in Italy, Kate! xxx