Thursday, 30 January 2014

A new poster for Enemy, an Everest update (filming in the UK) and Prisoners is out on DVD in the UK on Monday!

The excitement for Enemy is building! Today we have another new poster for the film which is really rather wonderful. You can click on it to embiggen it. This is from the twitter for @A24Films which today tweeted: 'New ENEMY one-sheet is a beauty. Opens in NY 3/15, exclusive premiere on @DIRECTV 2/6'. This is over a month before its theatrical release and is not too far away at all!

Director Denis Villeneuve talks about the poster at Entertainment Weekly today: 'The poster for the film is an equally disorienting visual that ignores its leading man’s celebrity. “Enemy for me is really an artistic piece,” says Villeneuve. “It was done with no compromises, a real act of cinema. And I think the poster reflects that idea, that it’s about exploration of identity. Sometimes, it’s very healthy to make cinema with just art in mind and you don’t think about the box-office. What I love about [the distributor] A24 and the poster they came up with is that it totally reflects that.”' To go with it is a video interview with Jake Gyllenhaal from TIFF last Autumn.

Many thanks to IHJ for recently uploading new still from Enemy, including one which features one of my favourite sights - Jake on a motorbike. Perhaps not showing Jake at his best but it'll do me... There are more images there.

Everest update

An interesting snippet can be found in a new article about Everest this week. 'According to Nepali Times, “Lama and a group of 12 real-life Sherpas are off to Val Paradiso in Italy to do the outdoor part of the shoot in a make-believe Mt Everest. After that Lama will go to Pinewood Studios near London to film his role of the rescue inside a Ecureuil simulato The movie will be shooted in a studio not in actual Everest. None of actor will visit Nepal in course for shooting.'
So outdoors filming in Italy and the rest in the UK and none in Nepal at all!

And finally...

Meanwhile, a note to all readers in the UK, remember Prisoners is out on DVD and blu ray on Monday (3 February!).


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Have a good evening everyone! Interesting Everest news :)

BBMISwear said...

Yes, interesting Everest news seems there have been many different reports about actors being in locales for this film and different locations noted and not all of them correct. I'm just glad it's all finally starting - I think it's going to be an exciting experience for Jake.

I am very excited about Enemy as I am dying to hear everyone's input once they see it. I truly enjoyed it when I saw it at TIFF but it is not something one can see once and "get it" - actually, I don't think one can see it 7 times and "get it" - ha ha! So I do look forward to hearing what everyone has to say. There is one thing for sure - everyone here will LOVE getting to see Jake on screen constantly - no complaints with that!

Thanks for the updates, Kate...I have had computer issues so haven't checked here in a bit so just got to see 2 posts in a row and watch all the vids...great stuff!

Until next time... :-)

Anonymous said...

Btw I think Jake looks crazy sexy on the bike. Just sort of predatory and observing. Can't wait to see Enemy.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update, Kate. Really interesting news about Everest. I like the new poster for Enemy and can't wait to see it. Hopefully it will be released in Germany. We have to wait a few more weeks for Prisoners to be out on DVD. Can't wait for this, too.
Have a nice weekend everyone.

Sonja said...

Guys, the trailer for Enemy is on YouTube!

Can't wait to see it. Seriously can't wait!

Susan said...

Hi Kate! Thanks for keeping us informed and up to date on all the latest. I like the Enemy poster, too, and I've drooled over the trailer several times already.

The news about Everest is very interesting. I have to admit I'm sort of relieved that a lot of the filming will be in a studio rather than the actual Everest. No need for unnecessary risks, right?

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi everyone!

I've put a new post up for the trailer and the new movie news as that's pretty big news.

Hi BBMISwear :-) I must admit to be very scared by Enemy. I'll see it, of course (if it comes out here), but it does look frightening. I hope the computer's behaving itself!

Me too, Malavika!

Hi Christina and Sonja!

You're welcome, Susan! I do agree with you about Everest. I'm looking forward to it but I don't want it to be too authentic... And then there's the yeti....

New post!