Saturday, 8 February 2014

A second trailer for Enemy and Jake Gyllenhaal, Maggie and Peter Sarsgaard at Pussy Riot NYC fundraiser

If there's one thing better than one trailer for Enemy, it's two trailers for Enemy. With huge thanks to IHJ, here is a second trailer for Jake Gyllenhaal's next film, out (although not too widely) on 14 March.

It's mean a while since we've seen Jake with Maggie and Peter Sarsgaard but last Thursday all three attended a fundraising event for Pussy Riot and the Voice Project at the Spotted Pig restaurant in New York City. Maggie was one of the hosts. I'm very glad to see Jake and Peter were there, too.

Last week, of course, saw the terrible news of the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman, just a couple of days after the announcement that he was to direct Jake and Amy Adams in Ezekiel Moss. Yesterday (7 February), Jake, Amy and Michelle Williams were among the mourners at the private funeral. Details here.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! I hope you're all having a good weekend - I'm deep in Winter Olympics watching mode... Great to see a new trailer for Enemy. I just hope we all get to see the film!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the new trailer, Kate. I very much hope we all get to see Enemy, too. It looks great.
Enjoy the Winter Olympics.

Anonymous said...

WDW, are the BAFTAs happening this weekend? Do you think Jake will come for them?

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks, 19:10!

Hi 17:29 :) I think they are. I'd be very surprised if Jake attended, though. Unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

WDW I hope you are not being affected by all the flooding and bad weather over these weeks of winter.

sami said...

Jake soll wieder mit Alyssa zusammen
sein? Ich glaube es ja nicht.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi 13:13 - absolutely terrible floods, storms and weather. Oxford is very flooded. Roll on the spring! Thanks so much for the kind thoughts.

Hi Sami - there's a no gossip rule here, as mentioned before. Jake's private life is his own business.

Have a good Friday, everyone!

BBMISwear said...

Stay safe, Kate - the weather sounds horrible there - ugh!!

I love love love the new Enemy trailer...I've somewhat put the movie out of my mind for a bit but now it's very much top of mind and I look forward to seeing it again. Those two Jake's are so talented! :-)

Happy Weekend/Happy Valentine's Day (I know...not much of a holiday but it's the word to type in to prove I'm not a robot so I couldn't resist)!

Sonja said...

We already have the two 'Enemy' trailers - now there's also a featurette!

I'm surprised we get this much before its official release, as the film was supposed to be a 'limited release'. Now it looks like it will get a much bigger audience.

I wonder if it will play over here in The Netherlands. Haven't seen a release date yet.

Exciting times! Plus I also got the 'Prisoners' DVD earlier this week - finally! *happy*

Hope you're OK, Kate. Take care!

Sonja said...

... And now there's even a second featurette:

It's slightly different from the first one.

Don't know how to do proper links on here Kate, I'm sorry.

katya said...

You might want to know the two women Jake, Maggie, and Peter were with from Pussy Riot have returned to Russia, and have been arrested and detained three days in a row on false charges by the Russian police.

The police claim they're investigating a theft from a Olympics hotel. They were jailed for 10 hours, then released. These detentions are harassment for their anti-Putin sentiments. The government says that they are attempting to "disrupt" the Olympics.

They are very brave. I am glad the Gyllenhaal family supports these artists.