Thursday, 27 February 2014

Jake Gyllenhaal scales Everest - in Italy - and a new NSFW trailer for Enemy

Clearly inspired by the Winter Olympics, Jake Gyllenhaal is in the mountains this week to take part in the filming event. Jake is in Italy to film Everest and, just in case there's any danger of forgetting which mountain he's trying to climb, it's written on his hat.

Apart from being considerably overdressed compared to everyone else, I am rather concerned to see that instead of playing the role of one of the mountain's climbers, Jake has instead been cast as Yeti.

Earlier in the week, Jake was allowed down from the mountain to take a look round Rome, including St Peter's. Apologies for the Mail link. I should like to point out to Jake that he's a few months early - I won't be back in Rome until the summer.

Jake took time out of Everest to appear on the cover of Man of the World. In the interview, Jake talked about the importance of working with certain directors: 'Gyllenhaal says he feels more comfortable working with certain directors. "It's all about a level of commitment—how far will you go for a director you believe in? How far will you go for a story you believe in? I've always worked as hard as I can on everything I've done. But now I feel like I'm listening to myself and realizing that we have a finite amount of time, and how you spend it is really important."

Also this week, a new trailer appeared for Enemy. This one is the Not Safe For Work Variety so hold on...

Many thanks to IHJ for the great pics! There are lots more there.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi everyone! It is so good to see all this going on! Love seeing Jake in Italy... (I'll be back there myself in a few weeks). As for the beard and hair.... no comment (except to say I hope this isn't a long shoot ;D) Have a good evening everyone!

Sami said...

Fein.Endlich einmal wieder ein paar
Bilder von Jake.Auch wenn er mit seinem Bart und den langen Haaren etwas gewöhnungsbedürftig aussieht.
Ich denke das ist wohl nur für den Film.

Anonymous said...

Kate this post was so entertaining. Must admit I'm not lovin Yeti either;) but I did really enjoy the Man of the World. It seems an appropriate title for Jake - he's sounding so wise!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Sami! I certainly hope it's just for the movie :)

Thanks so much 10:39! He really is.

Have a good weekend everyone! Took its time coming...

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful post, Kate. I enjoyed it much. Good to see Jake is on set in Italy. I don't like the Yeti-look either, but I too hope the beard and the long hair will be gone soon. The cover of "Man of the World" looks good.
Have a nice weekend everyone. It will be a long one for me (our company is closed because of carnival). So maybe I am able to watch the Oscars.

paulh said...

Are they filming in Italy instead of Nepal so Jake can get better coffee? ;-)

I'd love to go back to Italy -- I never got a chance to see anything south of Rome, nor north of Tuscany. :-(

Does anyone know if any of the filming will be done on Everest itself?

ANTJE said...

Even as a scruffy yeti Jake looks lovely - somehow!!

sami said...

Hallo Wet Dark und Wild. Ich freue mich wenn einmal jemand antwortet.Leider kann ich nicht auf Englisch schreiben.Es sind ja noch
einige schöne Bilder von Jake gekommen.Gestern habe ich mir Prisoners angeschaut,ist nicht so ganz mein Fall.Aber das macht ja nichts.

Sonja said...

"ANTJE said...

Even as a scruffy yeti Jake looks lovely - somehow!!"

I even saw him described as "Jesus Jake" at several other blogs... ;-) Which was funny, but I do hope he gets back to his usual self soon - although the Man of the World pics are amazing.

What did you think of Jake's performance in 'Prisoners', Sami?

ANTJE said...

"Jesus Jake" these days??
Oooooh, he used to be "Jesus" in BBM in the scene he had a little lamb wrapped round his neck.

Sonja said...

Yes, I remember! :-)

Our darling Jack... sigh.

paulh said...

I agree that he looks like Jesus in those recent pics from Italy. Well, we don't know exactly what Jesus looked like, but I can only hope that Jesus would be flattered by the comparison. If not, I need to practice dodging thunderbolts.

ANTJE said...

Oh dear, oh dear, oh deeeeeeeeaaaaaaar, how enchanted we all are by Jake's heavenly looks that we even compare him with Jesus. I can only hope he'll never happens to come across this website and discover how madly in love his crazy fans are with him.
Fear of thunderbolts, paulh?? Yes, we ARE sinners, but I love it!!!!

ANTJE said...

Anyway, yeti or Jesus or Dracula - the only thing that matters is that Jake remains as good and talented an actor as ever.

Sonja said...

"I can only hope that Jesus would be flattered by the comparison."


I'm sure of that!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Yeti, Jesus or Dracula! Jake is multi-faceted indeed!

Sami, I'm so pleased you're commenting and the language doesn't matter at all. We can figure it out :) I hope you enjoyed Prisoners!

Antje, Sonja and Paul - thanks for making me laugh!

sami said...

Hallo Wet Dark and Wild.Danke für Deine netten Worte.Es tut mir leid
das ich kein englisch kann.Etwas lesen kann ich schon,aber es ist
nicht sehr viel.Wünsche noch einen
schönen Abend.Es ist bei Euch ja wohl noch nicht so spät.