Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Two Enemy featurettes and Jake Gyllenhaal talks about the rather bizarre inspiration for the film!

As Enemy gets closer to its limited release, there are more goodies. This week they're in the shape of a couple of featurettes in which I do believe Jake Gyllenhaal is seeing double. Never enough Jakes... Thanks very much to Sonja for the heads up.

Jake also features in a great interview with the Huffington Post this week. This is an interview packed full of Jakisms.

'Huff: Well, yeah, I couldn't imagine watching a movie at home and seeing myself in the movie. Well, I guess that's a little different for you...
Jake [Laughs]: Well, if I put in a movie that I knew what this classic movie and then all of a sudden it was me in it, it would super freak me out.'
Huff: Like if you saw yourself in "Star Wars."
Jake: We all see ourselves in "Star Wars."
Huff: That's true.
Jake: And I speak for everybody when I say that. And I don't usually speak for everybody -- but I speak for everybody when I say that.'

The dubious, wine-soaked origin of Enemy:
'Well, we didn't know how potent the wine was -- let's just say it that way. There were some moments that happened in our conversation. Not only did we connect and just sort of have an amazing discussion, but this woman turned to me at one point who was sitting next to us with her husband and she said, "I hate to interrupt your dinner, but I just want you to know that everybody always says that you look like my son. Can I show you? You are an exact duplicate of my son." And I was like, "Oh, okay." And she showed me this picture and Denis was like, "It's crazy! You look exactly alike!" And we didn't, in my opinion. But, it was the movie! How you could you not do a movie? Unless Denis planted this woman there [laughs].'

Jake might not have been at the BAFTAs on Sunday but Maggie was a surprise presenter. Here she is on the red carpet.

Thanks to IHJ for the rather delicious Enemy screencap!


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi everybody! I hope you're having a good week! It was such a surprise to see Maggie at the BAFTAs, I just wish Jake had been there :)

Susan said...

Hi Kate! Thanks for the update - so many goodies popping up for Enemy! I'm not sure why, but I was excited to hear Jake mention Donnie Darko in the HuffPost interview. Donnie Darko is in my top 5 favorite movies of all time, so any comparison to it gets my full attention. I don't think Enemy will be very much like Donnie Darko, except perhaps for the way the viewer experiences it - and the need to view it several times to pick up on all the elements that are part of the story.
I also love how Jake chose to speak for everyone with the statement "We all see ourselves in Star Wars." So very, very true! It's another of my all time favorites, so to have Jake mention Star Wars and Donnie Darko in the same interview is weirdly fascinating to me. (If he had thrown in a reference to Star Trek, I think I would have fainted dead away.)
Oh dear, my extreme nerdiness is showing again...

Sonja said...

Like you say, Kate. Never enough Jakes, never enough... ;-)

So true!

Anonymous said...

Every time I forget what a treat Jake is, ok maybe not forget but more like it disappears into the recesses of my memory, an absolutely delightful interview like the Huffpost one appears! So honest, so funny, so real. I'm getting very impatient to see Enemy now! And to see more interviews surrounding the film. I really do hope it has a proper red carpet premiere. Thanks for the updates Kate.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the new post, Kate. Lots of things coming for Jake (and all of us). I sure hope Enemy will be shown in Germany. Fingers crossed.

paulh said...

No matter how many times I see "Donnie Darko," I still have no idea what's really happening in it.

I wish that "Source Code" and "Prisoners" had been better received. Last night I was explaining the new "Robocop" movie to my father and sister, and I compared it to "Source Code." I don't think they even saw "Source Code." It wasn't one of those movies that the media made you think you *had* to see, which is a shame.

Sonja said...

"No matter how many times I see "Donnie Darko," I still have no idea what's really happening in it."

Oh - I thought it was just me! I've seen it twice so far, and I guess I just don't understand it. Maybe I should try again...

Do you really think "Prisoners" wasn't well received? Maybe not as far as the nominations and awards are concerned, but over here in The Netherlands it was voted 'Best Film of 2013' at a Dutch movie forum! Lots of praise for Jake in particular.

Personally, I think Loki is Jake's best performance since Jack Twist (Jack will always be my fave, I think), although I haven't seen "Enemy" yet, for which Jake's getting even better reviews so far.

paulh said...

Wow! That's great news about "Prisoners" being voted best film of 2013. It's one of my top five choices anyway.

kirsche said...

Kann man Jake nicht in Ruhe lassen.
Jetzt nach ein paar Jahren kommt Taylor mit Anekdoten heraus.Ob es stimmt weiß man ja nicht.Nach dieser Zeit würde ich meinen Mund halten.
Sie ht doch selbst einen Verschleiß an Männern.

Barbara said...

eJust saw Enemy on DirectTV PayPerView. Lots of psychological intrigue, and lovemaking.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi everyone! Thanks for the comments.

Hi Barbara - I hope you enjoyed it! I just put the new NSFW trailer up in the new post.

That's great news, Sonja!

Just a general notice again that no gossip is permitted here.