Friday, 21 March 2014

Eureka's report! Jake Gyllenhaal premieres Enemy in Madrid and Eureka was there to see it!

Nothing gives me more pleasure on this site than when friends and readers get to see Jake Gyllenhaal in person as he goes about promoting his movies. I am so grateful, too, for the time that they take in sharing the story with the rest of us. Last night, Jake Gyllenhaal premiered Enemy at the Palafox Cinema in Madrid and I'm delighted to say that longtime WDW reader Eureka was there! As well as watching Jake introduce the movie, Eureka was also there for the photocall. The photos here are by Eureka - and such good ones, too. No sign of the earthquake that usually hits when I try and take photos of Jake - and the words below are also Eureka's. So, I hope you are sitting comfortably.

Eureka's report

Yesterday was such a busy and fun day for me.

Jake was back to Madrid to present Enemy the movie. From the moment I knew I would have the chance to see him live again I was really excited and looking forward to see him my secod time. Last time and my first time ever was in April 2011. See here and on WDW.

This time I won 2 tickets to see the movie and see him presenting it. I took my sister with me. She's not a Gyllenhaal fan. But she was there to support me. And have a fun time.

I arrived really early to the cinema and there was already a queue of photographers and many girls awaiting.

Finally they let the photographers come in and I was let in after asking. Again waited inside the cinema for Jake to arrive. In them mean time some girls commented whether if Jake would come with full bear or maybe clean shaven, had he cut his hair....? Fun to hear all those comments. Others were profesional photographers and were more interested in whether he would arrive on time or not. Cause it was late in the day. Of course I didn't mind the waiting....

Then we heard the cheer outdoors and see the cameras flashes lights. And we knew he was here. When he entered the corridor first he stopped with the TV reporters and spend a good time with them answering their questions. I took some blurry photos. Awaiting for him to move down the line to the photocall spot. He was fully bearded (bad luck for me good luck for others) and with a hair bun. 

When he moved there, one guy organizer warned the photographers (me :o) too) that he had some ailment in his eyes and that they should shoot for photos 3 secs and then stop and then go at it again. I think this can explain why some tweeps commented on him looking sad or tired. Nevertheless he was so charming and handsome as I remembered him. I did my best with the camera. Photo session was so short...... He wore a very nice blue suit and the brown shoes. I couldn't help but smile... Some of you reading this (Gyllenfriends) you know why...

Then I run into the cinema room where my sister had kept me a place. Both the spanish movie producer (Miguel Angel Faura) and script writer (Javier Gullón) were already in the movie theatre stage and introduced themselves. They introduced a video with Denis Villeneuve I captured. Soo funy. And right after the video there came Jake down one of the theatre aisles up the stairs to the stage.

He had really warm and thankful words for the spanish movie team and the producers. And said, as you will see in the video, that is movie was his best work ever.

He moved on to say this was one of the strangest movies he had ever made. And I couldn't help it and yelled 'Donnie Darko' and he replied 'Yes, that one too'. Hey! he replied to me.

[Updated to add a link to the video]

Later he said he did not know which character we would identify more with if Adam or Anthony. Perhaps Anthony was more likeable for us Spaniards and here I went again I yelled 'Yesss', and he laughed, and audience laughed. So yes basically I was the only one in the audince saying something to him. Ha,Ha. Really I felt like I was having a conversation with me. Sounds crazy, but hey. I'm a die hard fan. As many as you are. And my only occasion to interact with him, even if it was in this ackward way and he couldn't see me in the darkness of the room. It sure felt good! Now you all know my lovely voice. ;o)

I won't comment about the movie as so many of you have not had the chance yet to see it. I'll just say is worth to watch but hard to get...

Bye Jake! See you soon in Madrid again.

And I didn't want to end this chronicle without remembering a very dear Gyllenfriend, whom I miss so much and would have been so excited for me like you: Marzena AKA Mermon in the internet.

Thanks so much, Eureka, and here's to the next time!


Wet Dark and Wild said...

This is brilliant!! I am so grateful to Eureka for this. What a great report.

I wonder if there will be any other stops on this Enemy Europe tour....

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Sasha Hoyt said...

What a great report, thank you so much for it, Eureka and Kate.

Way to go to take your chance and communicate with him. And thanks for looking out for "my" shoes. How awesome that he still wears them.

Eureka said...

Great post.
Thanks for sharing it in you site. :oD

I truly had a great exciting excellent fun time.

Have nice weekend!

Anonymous said...

So happy for you, and happy you took advantage of the opportunity. Wonderful pictures!

Sonja said...

That was nice to read - and funny too! :-)

So good you got to 'talk' to him, Eureka. Way to go!

Great pictures as well.


sami said...

Habe gerade über 200 Bilder von Jake angesehen.Mir tut schon der Arm weh.Es sind tolle Bilder dabei.Aber wenn der nächste Film fertig ist,bekommt er hoffentlich seine alte Frisur zurück.Die gefällt mir doch besser.

Susan said...

Brilliantly awesome - kudos to Eureka, you lucky girl! I laughed so hard about the shoe comment - but I would surely have checked them myself had I been there. :-) I guess he was having a little trouble with the contact lenses. I hope the problem with the eyes isn't any worse than that.
Eureka, if you were the only one shouting to Jake from the audience, I think it is safe to assume you were his best, biggest, most loyal fan there.
Yes, Marzena would have been jumping for joy for your happiness, along with the rest of us. I miss her, too.
Great report, Eureka! I hope you get to give us more reports on Jake every time he is in Spain!

ANTJE said...

Oh God, Jake looks so "horrible" with the long granddad/Father Christmas beard and the grey patches, yet the little fluffy bun is kinda cute. Thank God we all know it's for dramatic purpose only. Absolutely no hair in 2011, absolutely no weight in 2013, absolutely no clothes but too much hair and too much weight (plus merkin) in 2014. He does it all for his art - and for love! Can't wait to go and watch his next movies. He'll always be my favourite actor.

Susan said...

I'm going to throw out this comment and see how much controversy it stirs up...
Jake's hair is long enough now that if he gets it trimmed a little (and gets the beard trimmed a LOT) he is ready to film a Prince of Persia sequel! Who would love to see that?
Let the outcry begin...
(I know there won't be any sequels, but even his fans seem to either love or hate that movie.)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Just updated the post with a link to the video in which I think you can hear Eureka!

I love the long hair (though not the beard) *runs and hides*

Eureka said...

Susan, I vote for POP 2!
But as Kate says. With no beard please!
When I shouted "Donnie Darko" I thought of you... I know is your second favorite one....

ANTJE said...

Aherm, sorry, but since POP is not my fav Jake movie I could do without a sequel, fully bearded or with the help of a razor blade.
I would LOVE to see a "director's cut" of BBM though. But this, I fear, will never happen.

Anonymous said...

Really not loving this look, but I have to say there are some shots in which Jake still manages to look really handsome. Can't hide a beautiful face even with a big ole grizzly beard I guess! I do hope his eyes are ok, they are by far my most favourite feature. And having looked into those eyes for real, it's pretty amazing how deeply Mr Gyllenhaal can stare into you. While I thought POP was quite a lark, I'm not rooting for part deux. Sorry Susan:)

There have been quite a few tweets about Jake being spotted in London the last few days. Kate maybe you'll bump into him. I'm guessing this might be for the Pinewood studios part of the Everest shoot?

Btw has anyone heard anything more about Jake being on stage again? I do hope it's this summer while I'm in NY. I know Maggie is on stage with Ewan McGregor in October I think. Maybe it will be double Gyllenhaal bill on Broadway. Fingers crossed.


Sonja said...

"Absolutely no hair in 2011, absolutely no weight in 2013, absolutely no clothes but too much hair and too much weight (plus merkin) in 2014."

Love all your comments, ladies!

Agree about his eyes being his most amazing feature. In fact, it's a scene in Brokeback that got me hooked on Jake: it's the scene where Jack drives away from Ennis (and nearly runs him over). Jack then looks back at Ennis in his mirror and then looks ahead at the road again - that's the moment! Those eyes... you can see the pain. At that exact moment, BBM hit me, so to speak.

I know Jake has a bad eyesight, but I sure hope there aren't any major issues with his eyes right now.

No PoP sequel, no. Thank you, but no. It's my least fave Jake film ever *hides*

I really hope he'll play Detective Loki again! First of all, that means he'll have to work with Denis again (who seems to bring out the best in him), and second: he was awesome as Loki. That role got him so much praise. Interesting character too.

As far as looks are concerned: Jack (as always), Tommy (Brothers), Douglas (Rendition) and Hal (Proof).

Sonja said...


On the GyllenBabble blog, someone posted this:

"SensaCine ‏@SensaCine 43 min

Jake Gyllenhaal nos ha contado que le gustaria hacer más pelis sobre el detective Loki de #Prisioneros #Enemy

Jake Gyllenhaal has told us that he would like to do more films about Detective Loki # # Enemy Prisoners"


Please do it, Jake. Please!

sami said...

Ich habe gerade Deinen Namen gelesen.Ich wußte nicht das Du hier auch dabei bist Ich schreibe auch manchmal ein wenig,aber bei mir hapert es ja an der Sprache.Du wirstja nicht wissen wer schreibt Ich sage Kanada.Ich habe mir heute die Bilder von Jake angesehen,na ja es gibt Schönere.Aber wa sein muß,muß sein

Lurker but Jake friendly said...

I think Prince of Persia would have gone better if Jake's hair was pulled back into a ponytail. It was too distracting hanging down and I think it sort of made the movie joke fodder.

Jake face is so masculine that his long hair (without the Santa beard) would look better pulled back in a ponytail or that adorable man bun. However no middle part, just pulled back.

ANTJE said...

Yes, no matter if Jakey looks like Santa or completely scruffy - he is STILL adorable.
So is his talent. So are his movies.
And the bun.

paulh said...

A sequel to "Prisoners" would be fantastic! Jake has not done any sequels so far, so his willingness to play Loki again is a sign that he feels he connected with the character.

As for "Enemies," which I await eagerly, this could be another step up for Jake. Playing multiple characters and making them seem riveting takes a lot of energy and concentration. But if Tony Randall and Lily Tomlin can do it, I expect good things from Jake, too. :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your report, Eureka and for sharing it with us, Kate. It's great. Lucky girl having the opportunity to meet Jake for the second time.
I really don't like Jake's long hair and full beard. But as long as it is for his character in "Everest" I'm okay with it.
Yes, Marzena would have been full of joy for you, Eureka. I miss her and her comments, too.

Sonja said...

"ANTJE said...

Yes, no matter if Jakey looks like Santa or completely scruffy - he is STILL adorable."

You know, video and film are always different from pictures. I'll admit I wasn't too impressed with some of the Madrid pictures, but then I watched the video and I totally forgot about his beard - as I always do when I see his eyes or hear his voice :-)

Same for the 'nude' pictures, I guess. The pictures were a bit uneasy, so to speak, but wait 'til we see Jake on film like that. I'm sure it'll make perfect sense! ;-)

sami said...

Ich habe mir einmal alle Bilder angeschaut,und muß sagen,da gibt es Schönere.Ich hoffe nur,das es wieder besser wird.Wenn das nur für den Film ist,ist es O.K.Das schlimmste
sind die Haare.und seine eleganten
Schuhe.Die sollte er wirklich mal entsorgen.Aber man hat ja selber so
einige Sachen ,von denen man sich
schlecht trennen kann.Einen schönen

BBMISwear said...

Wonderful report from Eureka! So happy for you, Eureka, there's nothing like talking to Jake is there?! Although these wooly Jake pictures from Madrid have me looking forward to Everest (even with a longer wait now) I honestly can't wait until all that facial hair is gone. Why hide that beautiful face a minute longer than needed?! :-)

Eureka said...

You are all very welcome.
I'm happy to share the experience with you all.
And is fun to see all the different reactions the post got.

paulh said...

I saw "Muppets Most Wanted" last night. With such a huge cast, I was *sure* it had at least one Jake link, but only one link [Danny Trejo, who was in "Bubble Boy"] could be found. I would have though Tina Fey performed with Jake on SNL, but even that link fell through.

The night before last I saw "Grand Hotel Budapest." I haven't tracked down any Jake links.

sami said...

Ich bin eben auf einen Satz gestoßen der bezeugt das Jake Gyllenhaal im Dezember 2010 doch mit Tailor Swift
Geburtstag gefeiert hat.Woanders steht allerdings wieder das da schon alles aus war Was kann man denn glauben? Unter gossip Celebrety

Sophia said...

What a great report Eureka!I love your Donny Darko comment.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thank you so much for all the comments to this special post!