Wednesday, 5 March 2014

*UPDATED* Jake Gyllenhaal on Strombo Tonight, plus more interviews and details on the filming of Everest

Updated to add the video!

How wonderful to hear Jake talk about Brokeback Mountain again.

Also, thanks so much to IHJ for this video from the set of Enemy

Jake Gyllenhaal gave the Oscars a miss this year. Although this meant that he couldn't be part of the attempt to break Twitter or to deal out the pizza, it did mean he was free to continue making a potential future nominee, Everest. This Wednesday, though, Jake's appearance on the 'George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight' show airs. There are details here and there are also a couple of clips, which can be seen in this post.

Last week, was featured in a substantial interview with IndieWire, in which Jake talked about his craft and evolution as an actor as well as the impact of his Villeneuve collaborations on his career. Enemy might be getting a small release but it's a loud one, I'm glad to say.

Filming Enemy presented an entirely new challenge for Jake - having to be two people: 'Every day was an experiment in those kinds of emotions. And when I acted with myself, Denis set aside three days for the first time we meet each other to really discover that. We would discover during the day what was going on. We would start on one side and we would shoot that side, and I felt a little more comfortable playing Adam, the professor character, because he was more of a solid guy and so I'd play that. We would just play man.'

And Jake on the actor he has become: 'I've become a lot more obsessed with the specificity of characters and like you said, my work, the choices I make, also being on stage was a really big evolution for me. Getting back on stage last year, I will again next year, to me, being a part of... I don't know... I just feel more alive in what I'm doing.'

'I can't explain it in any way, except the relationships I make with the people I make movies with matters to me the most and how we interact. I'm about to go do this movie about Everest with Baltasar Kormakur, directing the movie, and I know the relationship we have there, like, we will explore. I will listen to him and what he needs and then I'll go into unknown territory for him as a result. I don't now what that's about. I don't know what happened. I just know I went like, "Oh, now's the time." There's no other time but now to go do it. I'm going to make a bold choice and if someone doesn't want it they can cut it out.' You can read the rest, here

Jake has also been talking to W about his first cinema crush!

Updated to add: Thanks to Leslie for the heads up for this audio interview with Jake at Q. You can listen to it here.


Meanwhile, Clive Standen has been talking about filming Everest in the Dolomites: 'We've been working on it for about three weeks now - we've been filming right at the top of the Dolomites at minus 20 celsius and it's tough but it's lots of fun. Lots of men stuck up a mountain and helicopters and we've been doing lots of mountaineering and climbing training. I think it's going to be a good one." He added: "I just finished doing some scenes with Josh Brolin and he's a joy to work with. He's a fantastic actor and I feel really lucky to be a part of this project."' This beautiful set photo is from Clive's Twitter feed.

Everest's producer Tim Bevan has also been talking about the logistics of the film to Empire. Hopefully, we'll hear much more soon.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi everyone! Good to see more details about Everest and I really hope the rest of this Strombo interview turns up. Have a good day!

ANTJE said...

Jake wants to go back to theatre productions in 2015??
Even though I'll never be able to see him performing on stage I'm still very pleased about this information.

PS: Should there be any more contributions in this blog written in German I can offer to translate them.

University degree in British and American literature.

Susan said...

Thanks for the post, Kate. Some great stuff coming out about Everest and Enemy, too. That bit about going back on stage is quite exciting. I was extraordinarily lucky enough to see Jake on stage in "If There Is..." and so I have a new item on my bucket list: see Jake on stage AGAIN! Highly unlikely, but if I start planning now...
BTW, I'm just too busy to take the time to use Google Translate on the German comments, and I don't like to ignore a fellow fan's thoughts. Seeing a translation in the comments section would be very nice.

Sonja said...

I could also translate - even from Dutch to English! :-)

Oh... there's no Dutch people here except me :-(

Never mind. Jake fans speak a universal language!

Thanks for the new post, Kate!

Leslie said...

Jake was also interviewed on Q HERE.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks, Antje!

Thanks, Susan :) I would love to see Jake on stage. Maybe one of these days I finally will.

Thanks, Sonja! There must be more Dutch readers... Anyone?

Thanks for the link, Leslie! I've updated the post :)

Hope you're all having a good day!

sami said...

Ich habe gesehen Du bist wieder Online.Hast Du schon Deine Arbeit hinter Dir?Ich bin den ganzen Tag zu Hause.Im April fliege ich nach Canada
Ich werde von dort aus mal schreiben.

ANTJE said...

All right, here we go.
Sami says:

"I've noticed you're online again. Have you already finished your work? I'm at home all day long. Going to Canada in April. I plan to write while over there."

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks, Sami and Antje! Pop in when work lets me :)

Updated the post with the video from Strombo plus another vid from IHJ. Great start to the day.

I dreamt about watching Brokeback Mountain last night. I even dreamt the music. Brilliant!

Have a good Friday everyone!

Sonja said...

How wonderful was it to hear Jake talk about Brokeback, indeed. Nice interview.

And I could listen to his voice all day long... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the videos Kate. I like how after all this time BBM is still something that is brought up to Jake. It's 10 years since Jake and Heath (along with all the others in the cast and crew) were in Alberta making magic happen.

Who knew we'd all be talking about it all these years later.


Anonymous said...

I hope that if Jake does do another play next year I'll be able to go see him.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful post, Kate.
So many news, especially about "Enemy". The interview on Strombo Tonight was extraordinary and so was the radio-interview.
I totally agree with Sonja: I could listen to Jake all day long.
It is great to hear him talk about the passion for the films he makes and the journey of his life.
It would be great if he'll do a stage production again next year although I'll never be able to see him on stage myself.
Have a nice weekend everyone.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Kate, but I forgot (again) to sign my comment (18:08)

BBMISwear said...

So much great stuff out there about Jake lately - loving it (haven't been able to read/watch/listen to all of it yet but I will)!! Great post on all the bits going on and it all has me so looking forward to seeing Enemy again, seeing all the new films coming soon, and seeing him on stage again. Speaking of...Kate, if Jake is back on stage in NYC you will be on a plane to Boston, staying with me, and then on to NYC with me and that is that! So get saving! :-)

paulh said...

261Can I come too, BBMISwear? Now that I've replaced the computer that crashed and taken on a higher-speed Internet connection, I intend to come here much more often.

I sometimes dream about watching a movie in which Jake is a character. I was extremely happy with "Prisoners." I thought it was the best movie of the year. "source Code" was another favorite,.

JosH Brolin is a very watchable actor. I think he's even better than James Brolin, who sometimes pops up in movies.

sami said...

Hallo Wet Dark and Wild.
Hat man wieder neue Bilder von Jake
gesehen,sofort heißt es wieder,er hat eine neue Freundin.Schlimm ist
das Gut das ich nicht berühmt bin.
Hier geht nun wieder ein Tag zu Ende.
Wir hatten schönes warmes Wetter.Ich hoffe ihr auch.Hast Du jemanden gefunden der für dich übersetzt?.Ich
leider nicht.Wünsche ein schönes

Anonymous said...

hello everybody, at the end of the itv he speaks about two books: the salinger book and another one that I can't find (the nonword?, sorry my english is too poor) can you help me on this? many thanks.

ANTJE said...

Ich übersetze!!!

Here's the translation of Sami's latest contribution:

"Hello Wet Dark and Wild
As soon as one has discovered new pics of Jake, people immediately say he has a new girlfriend. That's awful Thank God I'm not a celeb. Another day ending here. The weather was lovely I hope so was yours. Have you found anyone yet to do the translations for you? Unfortunately I haven't. Have a nice weeekend."

ANTJE said...

Hello girls!
You all love hearing Jake's voice??
Well, pop in the PRINCE OF PERSIA-DVD and hear him talking with a cute British accent.
That's what I call sexy!!!!!!!!

sami said...

Hallo Antje.
Ich finde es so gut von Dir,daß Du Dir die Zeit nimmst,zu übersetzen.Vielen Dank.

Magdalena said...

To the anon who asked about the book JG mentioned: It's "The Known World"

Sonja said...

90 minutes of Jake!

ANTJE said...

Jake's bare assets - displayed by tonight.
I'm not sure if I should swoon or faint.
At least the pics are proof that he has gained all the weight he lost last autumn while doing the other movie NIGHTCRAWLER.
Should the scenes of a very naked Jake remain in the final version of EVEREST, this will be his third movie the audience has the chance to see his, aherm, bare behind. The other two are BROKEBACK and LOVE AND OTHER DRUGS.

ANTJE said...

And he is also having fun with a ladle and a huge frying pan while dancing naked around the set.
Hmmmmm, I'm REALLY looking forward to seeing this movie.

ANTJE said...

And do you notice how I'm SO not trying to mention the adhesive tape he is garnered with during this take of the film??

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Antje, I've just been looking at these pics! Blimey! Not what I was expecting at all from a mountaineering movie!!

Thanks to all of you for the lovely comments. I've been away for a few days and then organising a big work event. But tomorrow back to normal! So will answer everyone and catch up!

Wow! All is good!

Sonja said...

What pictures, Antje? Can't find any.
Did I miss something?

I'm offline for about a day and suddenly there's a naked Jake somewhere?! ;-)

Sonja said...

Oops - never mind!

Found a link on a Dutch (!!) online newspaper.

Blimey indeed!

Wasn't really looking forward to 'Everest' to be totally honest, but now...

Somehow it feels weird, these pics. Don't know why. They seem almost like pap pictures to me. Some sites have deleted them already.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

New post!

You're right, Sonja. I'm certainly not going to put them on the site (these photos are hot in more than one way :D) - but got round it.