Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Jake Gyllenhaal stars with Beyonce and Jay-Z and says goodbye to the long hair and beard! Plus movie news

Barely a year goes by without Jake Gyllenhaal making an appearance in a music video and 2014 is proving no different. Jake has been seen frequently in the company of Beyonce and Jay-Z and so it was a pleasant surprise to see him also pop up in the promotional video for their upcoming 'Run' tour.

The video also features WDW favourite Emmy Rossum, a fine singer in her own right. You can watch the video here.

But the big news is that Jake has decided to part company with the long hair and shaggy beard, as can be seen in the photos of him shopping in NYC yesterday! He's also back to chewing the headphone lead - just like the old days. Pap photos are no longer posted here so just follow the links.

The extensive barbering means that Everest is finished but there is more movie news this week. Nightcrawler has been picked up at Cannes by Open Road, which is also looked after End of Watch so well.

Finally, this weekend, if you're in the neighbourhood of Indiana, why not audition to be in Southpaw alongside Jake, or more precisely cheering him on from the other side of the ropes? Details here. Filming then moves on to Pittsburgh, the home, of course, of Love and Other Drugs. This might give Jake the chance to brush off that tattoo...


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning! Lots going on - and it all looks pretty good! Hope you have a lovely day :)

ANTJE said...

Pap photos no longer posted?
- Good girl!!!

Jake-without-the-beard nibbling at the white headphone lead is quite a sweet habit of his but yet totally irrelevant, I must say. I'm more interested in the topknot and his career moves.

PS: ENEMY will be in German theaters this Thursday. Can hardly wait to watch it - AT LAST!!!!!!!

Sonja said...

Hi Antje!

'Enemy' will premiere here next week. I already saw it as a download (yes, I know - sorry!) and I consider it to be Jake's best work to date - along with Brokeback Mountain of course.
I look forward to reading what you think of it.

Susan said...

Thanks for the news, Kate! Did they totally re-cast all the main roles in Southpaw? No matter, the new list of names really looks good to me. So does Jake, without all the extra tons of hair.
Glad to hear the news about Nightcrawler as well. Now I need a release date and I can mark my calendar...

BBMISwear said...

Lots going on indeed, Kate! There are so many comments on the internet about Jake's beard/no beard lately - it really makes me laugh! But if asked for my opinion I would say that that long beard of his hid his beautiful face and I will never understand why he would want to do that (or how anyone who finds him attractive would prefer to look at that instead of his gorgeous face) but to each his own as my boyfriend in high school use to say - ha ha! Lovin' the Jake news!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Enemy if finally hitting Dubai theatres June 5. So excited!
And loving Jakes new haircut (although it seems to be in a beanie most of the time , not sure why) and beautiful beardless face. Love love love the pics of Uncle Jake with Ramona at Newsies. I think it's entirely possible that Jake Gyllenhaal is the world's most perfect man.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update, Kate and the video.
Finally the beard and long hair are gone. Now we can look at Jakes beautiful face again.
Although Enemy will be released in Germany today, it sadly wll not be shown at a theater nearby. Therefore I am glad I had the opportunity to watch it at the Fantasy Film Festival in Cologne.
Have a nice evening everyone.

paulh said...

I still haven't looked at "Enemy' online. I did get to see "Godzilla," which had David Strathairn in the cast. Strathairn was in "A Dangerous Woman" with Jake and Maggie.

I also saw "Belle," which has Sarah Gadon in the cast. Gadon is in "Enemy."

Sonja said...

I just checked where 'Enemy' will be playing in The Netherlands (next week)... not in a theater nearby :( It has a very limited release - it will only play at 18 theaters across the country.

ANTJE said...

18 theaters only?
Why is that so??

Sonja said...

It's a small film, Antje. Just like it had a (very) limited release in the US, it also has a limited release in most of Europe. I believe Sweden, for instance, doesn't even release it at all.

Maybe it'll play in more theaters in weeks to come, but I'm not holding my breath...
It's a shame.

Anonymous said...

Jake's in conversation with Colm Toibin on James Baldwin finally out.


So wonderful.


paulh said...

I just got back from seeing the new X-men movie. The most obvious Jake link is Hugh Jackman, who was in "Prisoners" with Jake.

Anonymous said...

Glad the beard and long hair has gone at last! Maybe I'll fall in love over again :-)

ANTJE said...

I finally went to watch ENEMY last night.
I do not want to spoil it but I nearly fell off my chair (literally!) when I saw the very last seconds of the whole movie. For those of you who haven't had the chance to watch it yet - WHEN THE VERY LAST SECONDS OF THE FILM ARE ON THEN BE PREPARED TO FALL OFF YOUR CHAIRS, FOLKS - JUST THE WAY I DID!!
PS: Jake is topless/shirtless in quite a few scenes, yep!
PPS: Topic/Plot of the movie is not really my cup of tea but as always Jake's acting is outstanding, convincing and heartbreaking. And this time we even get two Jakes for the price of one. Swank!

Sonja said...

@Antje: :-)))

Good news! 'Enemy' premieres in The Netherlands today. I checked some movie sites just now and it turns out 'Enemy' does now play in a theater nearby... just a 15 minute drive from where I live! Bought tickets for Sunday! Ooooeeee!

PS: Yes, I've seen it before. But there's nothing like seeing a movie at a theater!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi everyone! I'm so glad that more of you have been getting to see Enemy, or about to. No such luck for me yet.

Hope you're all doing well?

So glad you saw Enemy, Antje!

That's good news, Sonja :)

I am a bit bemused by all the comings and goings with Southpaw, Susan!

Hey BBMISwear :-) I can't understand it either. It must be a relief to get rid of all of the extra fur, thugh.

Good news, Malavika! I hope you get to see it.

Hi Christina!

Hi Paul :)

Have a good day everyone! New post :)

sami said...

Man hat schon wieder länger nichts von Jake gehört.Er macht sich ziemlich rar.Vieleicht kommt ja bald
mal wieder etwas Neues.Habt ein
schönes Wochenende Bei uns ist Hitze angesagt.