Saturday, 6 September 2014

Nightcrawler premieres at TIFF! Videos, photos and reviews: 'Jake Gyllenhaal at his best!'

Jake Gyllenhaal and the fans braved the Toronto rain last night for the gala premiere of Nightcrawler, an event that was accompanied by rave reviews - 'Jake Gyllenhaal at his best' is just one. And I've gotta say, Jake looked a treat!

There are also some great photos of Jake with co-star the lovely Rene Russo, as well as some fab pics of Jake doing publicity interviews before, such as this one.

There is a report here along with some video. It all brings back some great memories of my 2007 TIFF trip.

There are lots of videos, including this brilliant Variety video of the cast being interviewed.

A couple of reviews for now: Playlist, The Wrap

There are lots of photos on IHJ so do take a look. I'm away for the weekend but I wanted to get something up before I leave. I'll update the post when I get back. Have a great weekend! What a wonderful start to it.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

What a fabulous start to the weekend! I'm heading up north for a couple of days but wanted to get something up before I go. Will update when I'm back. Doesn't Jake look great?! Have a fab weekend :)

Winterbird said...

Jake is looking good :-)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Winterbird!!! Hello!! He really is x

Anonymous said...

Hello Kate,
I hope you enjoyed a nice weekend. Thank you for the wonderful post. Jake is adorable. He looks just the way I like :-) Nightcrawler is getting great reviews. I'm looking forward for the release. Christina

ANTJE said...

Just read your latest posting. Now let me tell you one thing, my dear girl - Jakey ALWAYS looks a treat!!!!

ANTJE said...

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!
I have just discovered the four postings above mine. I hope Jake will never read all these comments about him being so adorable and so good looking and so ...
Might not do his male vanity any good.
PS: Can't wait for NIGHTCRAWLERS to be in German theatres.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks so much, Christina!

I must say, Antje, you're quite right. But this look is even more more of a treat. This is golden, shiny Jake :) I don't think Jake would mind :DD

Sonja said...

Golden, shiny Jake - ooh, I like that! :-)

Love his current look. He reminds me of Brothers' Tommy and Source Code's Colter - and that's such a good thing!

I think Jake's looks will always be discussed, no matter what. He's too hairy (Enemy, Everest) or not hairy enough (End of Watch) or whatever.

Personally I must say I have less issues with his facial hair since I saw Enemy. He looked so good as Anthony!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Sonja! I like the look, too. Jake always transforms himself so much for his roles that it would be very difficult not to talk about it! I loved the Brothers look :)

ANTJE said...

Dear Kate and Sonja!
I must agree - Jake in BROTHERS has been the sexiest Jake on film so far (so far!!!!!!) Remember the sofa scene when one of "Tommy's" nieces wakes up a very hung over uncle to the sound of a noisy whisk she's stirring the pancake batter with and Uncle Tommy asks her to stop??? Jake as a hung-over uncle, stubble, bleary eyes, nice'n'tight t-shirt and all - so, soooo lovely and sweet to look at.

paulh said...

I'm looking forward to this movie so much! If the trailer is any indication, I will remember the movie for years.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Antje! I just love the opening scene of Brothers - an yes the pancake scene!

Totally agree, Paul!

I hope you're all having a good weekend :)

ANTJE said...

The opening scene of BROTHERS? Do you mean Jake-"Tommy" wrapped in a towel in the run-down motel-room-shower with no warm water available but a lot of muscles and a very hairy chest visible?? Or do you mean "Tommy" in brother Sams's car with his right foot on the dashboard???
Thank God it's not my/our fault that Jake Gyllenhaal is so, aherm, yummy, is it???

I do hope, your male nickname means you ARE a boy indeed. It's lovely when guys are around who have a crush on Jakey, too. And therefore it's always a great pleasure to discuss Jake's incredible sexiness with girls AND boys. Yeah!!!!!

Sonja said...

Over at the big Brokeback Mountain Forum, there are lots of boys who have a crush on Jake! :-)

I registered there nearly two years ago, after I'd seen BBM, and I still post there. Not all Brokies are still interested in Jake's career at this point, nine years after he played Jack Twist, but a few of them are - including some men! It's great fun to 'talk' about Jake and BBM. He's still very much loved as Jack! :-)

Brokeback has a special place in my heart, and its forum is special to me too.

I visit several Jake blogs, but only post on two or three of them - I'd get confused if I'd post everywhere! ;-)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Antje! I love the bit when he walks through the prison and is collected by his brother. Lovely!

Hi Sonja - it means a lot to me, too. I miss those days in a lot of ways. You're making me want to rewatch BBM :)

ANTJE said...

Hello, dear Kate!
I've got another Jake-looks-soooooo-yummy-on-film-scene for you.
JARHEAD, the tent scene when the boys get their letters from home and "Swoff" lying on his mattress, wearing grey tracksuit bottoms and a camouflage jacket WITH NOTHING UNDERNEATH.
I guess, you remember this scene as well, don't you??

paulh said...

Yes, I'm a guy. I get a big kick out of watching him change over the years. I've also gotten the chance to see some great acting, from Jake and from the other people in his movies. Where else but the movies can you watch someone grow up before your eyes, and all the time you're being entertained as well?

ACAM said...

He has so much substance and a real artist. Cannot wait for the movie.... but I think I was more thrilled that he and Gemma were in the same location for TIFF! (Oh still a PoP fan)