Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Nightcrawler to close Fantastic Fest and a new interview with Jake Gyllenhaal

With Nightcrawler's premiere just two days away (it opens at Toronto International Film Festival in a gala on Friday 5 September), there is news that Nightcrawler will also close Fantastic Fest which takes place in Austin, Texas, from 18-25 September. Presumably and hopefully that will mean another red carpet event!

There is also a great new interview with Jake Gyllenhaal in Variety - this is probably the fullest interview we've seen with Jake for quite some time, and it's a goodie! There is more on the mirror hand cutting incident and lots on the Jake Coyoti Diet and Fitness Plan.

'"I would try to eat as few calories as possible,” he says. “I knew if I was hungry that I was in the right spot. Physically, it showed itself, but chemically and mentally, I think it was even a more fascinating journey. It became a struggle for me.” On some nights, he wouldn’t eat at all, or he’d only nibble on small pieces of meat, crackers or kale salad. “When you watch the film and see the angularity of his face, the hollow cheeks, the way that his eyes become prominent,” Gilroy says, “it’s such a haunting look for a night shoot.” Gyllenhaal would run 15 miles from his house to the set in the evenings to stay lanky. The inspiration for the fast-talking character came from the animal world. “There was a general sense that he was a coyote,” Gyllenhaal says. “I just wanted to live that way.”'

It is also fascinating to hear about Jake's preparation to play his Southpaw boxing character - extraordinary dedication. I can't help hoping that sooner or later Jake will get the chance to play a character having a lovely, relaxing holiday.

'“As an actor, you’re constantly true to your feelings and the feelings of a character,” he says. “The most interesting moments are always the most unexpected. I’m not saying it’s a positive thing to get hurt and have to get stitches in your hand. But to me, the scar is about a certain type of commitment.”'

Read the full interview here. Thanks to IHJ for the Nightcrawler publicity shots!


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone! What a great interview!

Anonymous said...

Hello Kate,
wonderful post and a great interview in Variety. Maybe even better because it's the first one in what seemes to me like ages.
Have a nice day everyone.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks, Christina! It is so long since we had an interview as full as this, and with all those odd little lovely Jakeisms in it! Have a lovely day :)

BBMISwear said...

Let the games begin!! So good to see the buzz is starting and how great to have a Variety cover article! I haven't read it yet but will soon...and then of course will be trying to keep up with all the TIFF stuff this weekend. I hope I do better than last year - because I was there (2 Jake films!) I was really behind and didn't catch up on all the great videos/interviews until 6 months later. Never enough Jake promotion, never enough. :-)

Anonymous said...

Only director Dan Gilroy will attend the Fantastic Fest premiere. Jake will not - since he starts shooting JM Vallee's "Demolition" in New York September 15.

Even this Variety interview, covering all of Jake's projects, mentions that "Demolition" will start shooting soon.

Checking up Gyllenbabble once in a while could keep this blog more up to date.

Sonja said...

"I can't help hoping that sooner or later Jake will get the chance to play a character having a lovely, relaxing holiday."


Good one, Kate!

Thanks for the update :-)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi BBMISwear :) What a good time that was last year! Never enough....

Anonymous snarky person - get lost or at least learn some manners. I find it outrageous that people think it's acceptable to be so snarky (anonymously) to someone else who's just doing a blog.

Thanks, Sonja!

paulh said...

I'm looking forward to
Nightcrawler. I saw the trailer a little while ago, and it looked hilarious.

Southpaw isn't something I look forward to all that much, as I'm not a fan of boxing.

Everest should be exciting, though.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Paul! I cannot wait for Everest!!

Sonja said...

It's funny - I wasn't looking forward to 'Nightcrawler' all that much at first, but now that I've seen the trailer, I can't wait to see it. I've read rave reviews already.

Not looking forward to 'Everest' for some reason. I've read the book it's based on and although it's a great read, I fear the movie will just turn out to be another one of those many mountain disaster movies. Which, in Jake's case, could be interesting - but still... ;-)

'Southpaw' - looking forward to it, despite the boxing. Jake's acting in this one will be against type, so it'll be interesting to see how he will do.