Tuesday, 14 October 2014

A catch up with Jake Gyllenhaal and a WDW Spanish Interlude!

Good to see you all! I had a fabulous time in Spain (Interlude below). Jake Gyllenhaal, meanwhile, is currently busy filming Demolition in NYC but with the release date of Nightcrawler looming (31 October), there are more images and posters, not to mention a TV spot! Special screenings have also been held in NYC and LA. Do check out IHJ for images.

It's not just films, though. This December Jake makes his Broadway debut in Constellations and tickets are available now at the end of this link.

On 1 October, Jake took part in the Headstrong Project's Words of War, a benefit in support of mental healthcare for military veterans of Afghanistan and Iraq. Jake read a poem by Derrick Brown - You Will Be Destroyed in Your Own Way. Jake said: 'It is an honor and privilege to be here tonight,” Gyllenhaal added, “I know a lot say that, but it genuinely is.”' More details here.

There are more photos and lovely things at IHJ.

A WDW Spanish Interlude

Until last month, my only experience of Spain was a day trip back in another century. It was wonderful to get the chance to explore Andalucia, one of the most beautiful places I've visited (and I can certainly recommend the wine!). The trip took us from Seville and the Roman city of Italica to Cordoba, Ronda, Granada, Guadix and, finally, for a spot of sea, Alicante with its beautiful bars and incredible trees and fort. I thought I'd post a few of the photos.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Thanks so much for indulging me with the Spanish pics - wish I could share a glass of Rjoca with you all :)

ANTJE said...

Hello, dear Kate!
Welcome home!!

Can't wait to watch Jake in a movie - sporting no weight at all but a lovely hair bun!!!

ANTJE said...

Oh, and by the way, have you already discovered the Coney Island pics on IHJ, taken October, 6??
Jake on the beach, sitting on a steel bannister. The blue blue sky, the blue blue sea, the white white shirt and the shoe laces of his heavy boots undone.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thank you so much, Antje! I saw those pictures - gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Hello Kate,
Welcome back home. Seems you had a wonderful time in Spain. The photos are great.
Can't wait for Nightcrawler. 4 weeks to go in Germany.
Have a nice weekend everyone.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks so much, Christina!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend :)

ANTJE said...

There are pics on IHJ showing Jake at a private screening of NIGHTCRAWLER, taken this weekend. He has shaved.
And even if he looks as if he were grumpy or in a "bad" mood he is still so lovely, yes!!!
Am I too crazy to be constantly enchanted by this face???????

Sonja said...


I am too.


I don't think he was grumpy - he was just being serious. There's this one picture in which he has this huuuuge smile... I was all happy!

"He has shaved" will always be news, I guess! ;-)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Antje and Sonja - shaving news is always news! Definitely not crazy :) In fact, it's a sign of sanity...

ANTJE said...

Hello girls!
Thanks for you lovely replies to my hopelessly crazy "Jake-adoration", you two!
Maybe Jake is a secret reader of this blog, comes here regularly. Oh dear, and then he always finds some women who adore the fact that he shaves or that he looks grumpy or ... ... ...
But maybe he likes such dedicated support by his fans. And his male vanity will probably enjoy (relish!!) that we all love his films AND his face, stubble/full beard or not. Yes, after all it's not our fault that he is good-looking, is it??