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Things to Consider When Using Male Lubricant during Sex

Due to the hormonal changes in a woman’s body during pregnancy and aging, vaginal lubrication can be reduced, which can be felt during sex. Decreased vaginal lubrication can lead to pain and discomfort during sex to both the man and woman. Other causes may be due to inborn hormonal imbalance, sickness, and medications.

To avoid dry sex, which can be rough and may cause soreness on the genitals, the most practical solution of partners during copulation is to use their saliva. But because saliva can quickly dry out, the comfort may only be short-lived. The best solution there is to get the most gratification is to have a lubricant that can ensure lasting lubrication. Before, female lubrication was the more commonly used. With safe and effective male lubricating products available in the market, their use has been preferred by many because of their convenience and quality.

Indeed, male lubricants are necessary to derive pleasure and ease discomfort when your partner has reduced vaginal lubrication. It is also useful when you use adult sex toys. So when choosing the right male lubricant, be sure to consider the following before buying one.

Safe Ingredients

penis You have to thoroughly inspect the label of a male lubricant before using it. You may be compromising your health and that of your partner. Look out for all the ingredients if you and your partner do not have any allergic reaction to each of the ingredients. It will help if you look for certifications from medical institutions.

One thing that you should also check on the label is the pH level of the lubricant if you are not using it on a sex toy. The human vagina is naturally acidic, and you may be exposing it to harm, such as infection, if the pH is lower or higher than the normal pH level.

Ease of Use

Male lubricants can come in bottles, plastic containers, or sachets. Should you want to hide it under your bed and apply it during the act, a lubricant in an easy-to-tear sachet can be the most convenient. But most sachets may contain less. If you are one who wants wetter encounters a male lubricant in bottles which you can just flip to open is advisable.


A male lubricant should not be too viscous, or it will be very sticky and may dry prematurely. It should not also be very fluid, or it may drip to the wrong part instead of your partner’s vagina or your penis.

Indeed, your choice of a male lubricant can make sex more gratifying, or it can hinder you from getting the best of your experience.…

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Guide to Casual Sex Encounters Abroad

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Having casual sex with the locals while you are abroad can be the highlight of your trip. This is more of the case if you travel alone and need some company or desire to have follar bilbao without any emotional commitments. Different destinations may require you to use different techniques of getting a casual sex partner. Some of the things that you can use to tip the scales to your favor irrespective of the destination you are in are highlighted below.

Choose Where to Stay Wisely

The place where you will be spending most of your nights can be an excellent place to meet potential partners for casual sex. The partners can be either local or international travelers. To make the most of it, you should choose a hotel that is popular and has all the features that would be attractive to the type of partner that you wish to get. If you are working on a low budget, you can use that to your advantage and stay in a hostel where the chances of meeting someone are even higher.

Do Not Be Too Choosy

Although you may have preferences as to the type of partner you wish to engage in casual sex with, you should not limit yourself to those preferences. Be open-minded and try going for those who might have different features from what you desire as well. The relationship will only be causal and short-term, so you should not have much to worry about. There are good chances that you might even end up liking some things that you previously didn’t like.

Use Dating Apps

Just walking up to strangers and starting a conversation might be a bit challenging to some people. A great alternative to that would be to look for a hookup from one of the many dating applications available. Using dating apps is a good idea as you easily get connected with someone who wants the same thing as you. You also get many options, allowing you to choose a partner that matches your desires.

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Keep It Safe

When looking for someone to have casual sex with, it is essential that you take all necessary precautions to keep yourself and your belongings safe. This should be more of the case for any situation where alcohol is involved. Many con artists may lure you into their con game by using sex. Both men and women should take precautions.…

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Tips on Flirting Online

Flirting online is an art that you need to learn over time. When flirting online, it’s all about the words that you use. The way you communicate will determine the success of your flirting technique.

You need to remember that when flirting online, the other party is not able to see you. The only way to impress the other person is by learning how to use your words. Here are some tips that will help you when flirting online:

Look for a good site

flirtingThere are specific sites for flirting online. Most of the social media sites are not the best place for flirting. You need to look for dating sites because they are specifically made for people who want to form relationships.

Be yourself

The first thing when it comes to flirting online is to try and be you. Do not try and pretend to be someone you are not because it will not last for a long time. When flirting online, there is always the pressure to make an impression, but this is not the right way to go about it.

Make sure that you act normal and don’t try and pretend to be someone that you are not. Being genuine online is important because this is the first way of building trust.

Bring some fun

flirt onlineFlirting is supposed to be fun and informal. Do not be too obvious when making conversation. Try and make the conversations to be as light and fun as possible. Stay away from the serious conversations about marriage and past relationships when flirting online.

These are things that are likely to put people off. People are flirting online are looking for a distraction from their serious life. Make the conversations light and fun at the same time.

Don’t get creepy

It is important to draw the line between being flirty and being creepy. There are a lot of sexual predators online, and you don’t want to be seen as one. The best thing to do when it comes to online flirting is to make sure that you set boundaries.

If you feel that the person that you are flirting with is not comfortable, then it is time to go slow. You need to make sure that you are decent in the way you communicate with people online and respect other people’s boundaries.…

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Advantages of doggy style sex position

Doggy style sex position is one of the most common sex styles used by many people. Love is very fulfilling and sweet, and it is enjoyed all over the world because of these pleasures. There are many sex positions, but the doggy style has been the most preferred sex style for women. Doggy style is a position of sex in which the woman bends and crouches on all fours for purposes of sexual penetration or sexual intercourse. You can either have the doggy style with your partner if you get women and men who do Dogging in Brisbane to enjoy this sex position. There are many benefits of using the doggy style for your sexual pleasure and satisfaction. In this article, we take you through some of the benefits of doggy style sex position.

Highly versatile

The doggy style sex position is preferred by many because of its versatile nature. The position is versatile in thatdoggy style sex position you will be in a position to move freely in any position to wish to be in. Similarly, you will be able to keep your hands free and do other things that can ensure you the sex act remains enjoyable to both partners. You will have the freedom to use your hands in touching the clitoris or the boobs. For a woman, you will use your free hands to cuddle your man as you enjoy the sex.

Ability to control sex rhythm

doggy style sex positionThe doggy sex style is also good because it will ensure you as partners enjoy rhythmical sex patterns and depth penetration. The position allows you to push in and out while holding her hand hence being a position to control every moment. The position allows you to lean down and use your hands to caress the clitoris gently while maintaining the rhythm. On the other hand, the doggy style position is less physically demanding, and you will not have the stress of engaging it in even if you have back issues.

Helps in the stimulation of the G-spot

The doggy style sex position will help you greatly to hit the G-spot of your woman. This explains why most women love the doggy style sex position. Most women will get wild in bed once their partner starts the doggy style position. The doggy style position will help in hitting the G-spot because your bottom of your penis will stimulate the clitoris as you push in and out of the vagina. Multiple caressing and stimulation of the G-spot will ensure your partner attains multiple orgasms.…