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Things to Consider When Using Male Lubricant during Sex

Due to the hormonal changes in a woman’s body during pregnancy and aging, vaginal lubrication can be reduced, which can be felt during sex. Decreased vaginal lubrication can lead to pain and discomfort during sex to both the man and woman. Other causes may be due to inborn hormonal imbalance, sickness, and medications.

To avoid dry sex, which can be rough and may cause soreness on the genitals, the most practical solution of partners during copulation is to use their saliva. But because saliva can quickly dry out, the comfort may only be short-lived. The best solution there is to get the most gratification is to have a lubricant that can ensure lasting lubrication. Before, female lubrication was the more commonly used. With safe and effective male lubricating products available in the market, their use has been preferred by many because of their convenience and quality.

Indeed, male lubricants are necessary to derive pleasure and ease discomfort when your partner has reduced vaginal lubrication. It is also useful when you use adult sex toys. So when choosing the right male lubricant, be sure to consider the following before buying one.

Safe Ingredients

penis You have to thoroughly inspect the label of a male lubricant before using it. You may be compromising your health and that of your partner. Look out for all the ingredients if you and your partner do not have any allergic reaction to each of the ingredients. It will help if you look for certifications from medical institutions.

One thing that you should also check on the label is the pH level of the lubricant if you are not using it on a sex toy. The human vagina is naturally acidic, and you may be exposing it to harm, such as infection, if the pH is lower or higher than the normal pH level.

Ease of Use

Male lubricants can come in bottles, plastic containers, or sachets. Should you want to hide it under your bed and apply it during the act, a lubricant in an easy-to-tear sachet can be the most convenient. But most sachets may contain less. If you are one who wants wetter encounters a male lubricant in bottles which you can just flip to open is advisable.


A male lubricant should not be too viscous, or it will be very sticky and may dry prematurely. It should not also be very fluid, or it may drip to the wrong part instead of your partner’s vagina or your penis.

Indeed, your choice of a male lubricant can make sex more gratifying, or it can hinder you from getting the best of your experience.